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Yesterday, we spent the day walking in the old city (Barri Gotic). This is the original site of Barcino, the town the Romans established on a small hill called Mons Taber. We started walking between the cathedral and Placa Sant Jaume where a round millstone is set into the pavement to mark the precise centre of Mons Taber.

The route we followed was the line of the walls of the ancient town. Most of the streets in Barcelona began as Roman roads so all kinds of roman remains poke out from the least expected places. We would be walking down a street that looked like it ended in a small square. Once in the square you’d find an exit point hidden in a corner. It truly is a maze with many surprises. We stopped to see a Roman burial ground that was actually outside the city at the time.You could see remains of the road that led to the entrance of the city.

In one of the main squares we saw the remains of the aqueduct and part of another tower that formed one corner of the wall.

Remains of Roman Aqueduct

Essentially, we walked the perimeter of the ancient town and saw the wall where it still exists.

More of the Roman Wall

The old city is very black and white with all the old stone masonary. There are moments when color stands out like this door did when we rounded a corner.

Color Swatch in the old town

There were also some interesting perspectives as you would peer down alleys.


Perspective in an Alley

All in all we had a terrific day but today, Sunday, was a special day here in Barcelona. It was the festival of Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalunya. To see the kind of day we had, go to Alex’s blog. There is a link on the sidebar.

Have a great day

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