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A Blading Problem

Ok, this post is totally off the subject of Barcelona. I'm looking to buy another pair of inline skates. My old ones, which I left in Canada, are ancient, weigh at least 10 kgs each and are like a pair of cement shoes. They even clamp on like cement shoes. I've been looking through different models and I am really having a difficult time choosing. I was interestedinitially in the 5 wheel models because I just wanted to put on the mileage. You know, strap them on, put your hands behind your back, lean into the wind and skate. As I thought about them, it dawned on me that those skates would require an exagerated rythm. Like speed skates, I'd need to really exagerate the foot lift and I'm pretty sure I don't want to get into that type of skating. The reason you'd have to skate like that is because of the wheel length. Think about it, five 90 mm wheels makes for a really long rail which translates into a really long stroke. Ok, those are gone, now I'm shopping in the 4 wheel market. I think I'd like blades with a wheel size between 84 mm to 90 mm. 90 mm wheels still make for a long wheel base, even with only 4 wheels, but I think I can adjust. I'm considering Rollerblade's Lightning and the Crossfire, K2's V02 and V02 Max and Salomon's Pilot 90 Pro and Motion 7.

I'm tending towards the Rollerblades but I think that's a bias on my part. If anyone who reads these blogs has any suggestions at all, I'd be really happy to read them in the comments. 

This city has an amazing place for blading down by the water. You can probably skate for kilometers withour turning around and your right by the beach. Hmmmm, last time I skated near sand I got a great road rash.You cannot make really sharp turns when there is sand around, learned that the hard way (just like I learn everything else). Anyhow, with Alex starting to go to the archives every day, I thought I'd head down to the boardwalk and skate.

See ya 

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