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The Weekend Plus

Wow, what a weekend. We went to visit Pearl and Al in Salou. A gorgeous place 90 mins south of Barcelona. It's a beach and tourist town. We went down on Friday night and stayed until Sunday. Saturday, we took the train to Tarangona. We really wanted to see the roman ruins and Alex wanted to see the cathedral. We weren't disappointed. We had a sunny day and we walked all over. See the photos below of Taragona.

Cathedral in Taragona

Alex in Taragona

Pearl, Al and Alex

I was most impressed with the roman ruins. We saw the amphitheatre by the ocean but we toured the circus maximus ruins further up the hill. I had such strong feelings of the place and the gladiators who once fought there. We walked the same route that they would have used to go into the arena and I stood in one of the cells where they would have prepared themselves for the upcoming events. Touching the walls that they may have leaned against after a fight was amazing. I always sense the presence of past souls whenever I touch or come close to anything of stone. Even simple rock conveys so much to me. Anyhow, let me just say that I really enjoyed being there.

Roman Ruins

 We returned with Pearl and Al to Barcelona on Sunday and took them up to Gracia in the evening. It was totally relaxing and we stopped for supper in a Lebanese restaurant. They were magnificent and even gave us postres (dessert) on the house. After supper we walked over to the placa (square) where the famous gelateria is. Al wanted his ice cream and he'd heard so much about this place. He took his number (51) and looked to see what number was being served (6). We waited and he finally got his ice cream.

Monday morning, Alex and I got up early and headed off to the gym. Alex did weights and I swam. They had done up my workouts but because we had to go to the bank at 8:30, I just swam for 45 mins. Alex headed off to the archives and Pearl, Al and myself headed down towards Placa Catalunya. I took them to check out some roller blade prices at Decathalon in the old town. After that I left them on their own and went to school. We met up after class and walked over to the archives where we waited for Alex. Al fell asleep on a park bench. I guess it was in preparation for the next walk.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, we walked over to the other roller blade place and I bought my blades. I bought a pair of K2's VO2 Max and a back pack to carry them in. They are a beautiful skate as you can see in the photo. They have 90 mm wheels and the boot is really comfortable.


Ok, off to bed, have a great day

My Roler Blades


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