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First Skate In a Long Long Time

This morning I made it to the gym and had a great swim. They have made up my workout but I haven't started it yet. I read it and got so tired from just reading it that I had to do my own thing. Actually, I have to figure out the different strokes in Spanish. Alex headed off to the archives and I went home to pack my new blades into my new "blade knapsack" and do my homework for school. I went to class and we had a sub teacher. Sarah, our regular teacher has a really bad cold and yesterday she could hardly speak. Anyhow, time slowed to a crawl because I was going blading right after class. School ended and I was the first out of the room. I ran across the street and got on the number 59 bus to take me to the beach. The bus heads off toward Las Ramblas and keeps going around Placa Catalunya. I thought it a little strange but figured it might be going a different route. We went by the school and kept going. Now I know something’s not right but a part of me figures he'll turn soon. He did turn, but the wrong way. I had no clue what part of the city I was in so I thought I'd stick it out. The worst thing to happen would be ending up where I got on. Forty-five minutes later, we're heading back down towards the sea. It was at this point I went up to the driver and asked " Los autobus ves a la playa ?" The driver responded with a si and I asked "quando ?". He says "poco" so I went back and waited some more. I finally asked some woman in front of me with my broken Spanish and she said si, poco. Ok, 90 minutes later we're heading towards the beach. It turns out that I got on the bus 1 stop after the turn to the beach so I ended up doing the entire route back to the stop before the one I got on. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I skated until Alex was ready to leave the archives and now I am the proud owner of legs that don't want to listen anymore. God, if I had been skating the entire time, I wouldn't be able to walk. Here's where I skated today …..

Olympic Village

Big Yacht


The lower upper half toys

Down the boardwalk

Ok, I'm fading quckly. I'll be going blading again tomorrow. Have a great evening…ouch

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