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I’ve Been Tagged

Today was a very quiet day. Didn't do much except go to school and meet Alex at Catedral Santa Maria del Mar in the old town. A friend of ours is finishing her job at Custo so Alex wanted to see some of the clothes there. We went for lunch after that and then walked around a bit before getting home. Oh, and I tried to take 100 Euros from and abm machine. Everything went as planned except giving me the money. I called my bank and they told me that the machine itself will find the error on its own within 24 hrs. Now that's automation (I'll let you know if it does). It's funny that an ABM can find and fix it's own problems yet when you pay a bill through online bankling, they remove the money immediately but don't send it to the recipient for a few days. Makes me wonder how much of their profits are from working with money that isn't theirs to start with.

If you've been to Alex's blog you'll see that she tagged me to complete the game of threes. It was easy for her to remember where she was and what she was doing but I must confess that I have a bit, no, make that a lot, of trouble remembering what was happening. I’ll give it my best so here goes……

20 years ago I…
1. I quit smoking
2. Joined Pointe Claire Masters
3. Sold my MGB

10 years ago I…
1. met my wife on the internet
2. Sold my motorcycle
3. Bought my first pair of inline skates

5 years ago I…
1. Took Alex to Paris on a business trip
2. Joined Pointe Claire Canoe Club
3. learned to dragon boat

3 years ago I…
1. Changed lifestyle
2. moved to Toronto
3. made some good friends

1 year ago I…
1. Became a true urbanite by selling my car
2. Learned to play the guitar
3. took Alex's parents to Paris for the first time

So far this year I…
1. Survived Alex'sdreaded comps
2. have moved to Barcelona for the year
3. lived in a foreign country for the first time

Yesterday I…
1. Spent the day at the beach roller blading
2. Watched jellyfish float by the breakwater
3. Watched the last two episodes of Lost, after downloading them from the Internet

Today I…
1. Went to school
2 Downloaded 18 new songs from Itunes
3. Had an amazing 2-course lunch menu for 7 euros in the old town

Tomorrow I will…
1. Go rollerblading
2. Find some new skating paths
3. Write some emails to friends

In the next year I will…
1. Learn some Spanish songs on my guitar
2. Become fluent in Spanish
3. Go for a holiday in Formentera

I will not tag anyone, this takes too much thought. Here's a picture for you.

Have a great evening



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