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Another Weekend

We started the weekend with plans to go down to the waterfront. On Friday, we met N and decided to go roller blading on Saturday down by the waterfront. Alex and I went early because Alex was going to rent skates. We got her skates and talked to the owner a bit. He told us where to find a good place to skate so once N showed up we headed to the spot. Alex put her skates on at the store and stored her shoes there. Off we go, sun is shining, sky is blue. We get to the spot we were told about and it was amazing, like skating on ice. After about an hour of skating, N headed home to a prior commitment. Alex and I headed back towards the store. Guess what, the store closes between 1:30 and 5:00. We had to skate all afternoon. Actually, Alex was amazing. She didn't complain at all and we laughed as we made our way around, looking for somewhere to park our butts. We looked like two people who had been through a triathlon. I had to pull her most of the way because we were in some pretty hard places to skate, hills, rough sidewalk, and cars. We finally found tables outside a cafe where we parked ourselves for 30 mins. We couldn't go into the restaurant because Alex only had skates on. Anyhow, the day ended and we were both exhausted. We laughed about it all night.

Sunday morning we got up early and headed up to a place called Parc Guel. It's an amazing place and we only explored a part of it. See the photos below;

Parc Guel

Walking along the path

A Bird's Eye View

Parc Guel

Walking around the park we came to a tower with 3 crosses on it. There were musicians playing and it all seemed very surreal.

A group of musicians at Parc Guel

While there, we saw a formation of jet fighters coming in low over the Mediteraenean towards the airport. They were trailing smoke and when they got to the airport they pointed straight up and broke formation at the top. They then circled and landed at the airport, one after the other. It was too far to photo but it really was impressive since we were looking down on the formation.

I captured a nice pic of Alex with the city behind her.


We had to get home to clean up a bit and meet Pearl and Al. Their flight was leaving early Monday morning so they stayed with us on Sunday night. We took them up to the hospital and walked around Gracia for a while.

A & P at Hopital San Pau

 They took us out for dinner and for dessert, we went to a xocolateria in the Gracia. It was packed and after we ordered we knew why. Amazingly decadent. They left at 4:30 the following morning. It was great sharing Barcelona with them. Today was back to reality. I was tired but didn't know it until I went blading after class. Needless to say, it's a quiet night for Alex and I.

Have a great one

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