Weekend of June 17

June 19, 2006 at 6:09 pm Leave a comment

We are still recovering from our trip and played it close to home this weekend. Saturday was spent at Playa Icaria and I was under the umbrella all day. I still managed to get sunburn. The water is nice now and the waves were about a meter high which is unusual for this beach. We went to Baja bar afterwards because we thought the US was playing Italy. Marc, a furloughed United Airlines pilot was all keen to watch the game. It turns out that the game was at 9:00 and not 6:00 as we thought. Alex and I headed home and met up with them later at Bo’s. Had a great chat with Marc and Matt and headed home around midnight. The streets are still crowded at that time with families strolling about, talking in groups and just being outside.

Sunday was spent cleaning (has to be done from time to time) and studying my Spanish. I have only been doing Spanish in class and last week was getting frustrated by not advancing enough. I guess I’ve hit that point where my dissatisfaction has prompted me to put in more effort. Later in the afternoon we went to la casa de Eliza y Carles where a group of friends gathered for the Brazil vs. Australia game.

Alex dressed me up in a Brazil team shirt and tossed me into the centre of an Australian fan club. Had a great time.

That was the weekend.

One of the things I love about Barcelona are the scooters and motorcycles.

I’ve seen women in their sixties taking their helmets off beside their scooter as they get ready to go shopping. Men in business suits, teens in jeans, women is skirts, they all have their scooters to get around town. Last week, I even saw this young woman driving a Harley and I was SOOOOOOO jealous. They even have parking spots for bikes at the side of the road.

If we ever live here permanently, we’ll be a family of two bikes, a scooter and a big Harley cruiser (for country riding of course).

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