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Weekend of July 1, Canada Day

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA. I hope all my Canadian friends have had a great weekend.

Alex and I didn’t do much this weekend. The world cup has kept us (Alex) close to home. Now that Brazil is out we can start doing things again. On Friday we went up to see some bikes at the local Harley dealer. I’m thinking about getting one when we get back to Canada. Please note, thinking about doesn’t mean getting one. Here in Barcelona everyone, including grandmothers and business men, drive motorcycles so it’s very infectious. Anyhow, I’m going through the process of choosing a bike, probably something like this one.

I have it down to a few models but as I said, once back in Canada, I may change my mind.

Saturday we spent at the beach with Matt and Elena. I am always under the umbrella because it is just not my thing to fry under the sun. The water was great and refreshing but we left early because England was playing at 5:00 and Matt, being English, was quite eager to see the game. They lost and are out……… Alex and I stayed up in Gracia and went to this cafe to watch the Brazil game. We were lucky to get the last table that wasn’t reserved and the place was full of Brasilians. Alex was pretty upset about Brasil’s loss but she said they deserved to lose (see her blog).

Sunday we took a slow walk down to Parc de la ciutadella since we hadn’t been there before. Alex was taking photos and recording the time and place the photo was taken. I thought that was a great idea……….

We also saw a building all wrapped up in white. I don’t know the reason but it looked pretty cool, you decide.

We got to the park and saw this gorgeous fountain. The water was really inviting and dogs were taking advantage of it. Like I said, it was HOT (seems like my favorite expression these days)

At around 2:00 in the afternoon, all the shady spots in the park were filled with sleeping people. I now knew the true meaning of siesta. We walked around the park, went into an old church that was built in the 18th centry, passed by a lake that had rented rowboats and slowly made our way back to the entrance. We got home and sat down for a quiet evening, or so we thought. Joy sent us a text message that she needed to get out for a bit (she’s been working on her thesis that is due in a few weeks). We met her and went up to a bar in Gracia for a clara. We didn’t get home until after midnight and slept like babies.

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A day to forget…

Now… this one I didn’t foresee:that no only would Brazil forget how to play football but that we would have to be reminded of it by the French. It serves the Brazilian team right for not taking the competition as seriously as they ought to… And that’s all I’m saying here.

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