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Mi Primero Post en Castellano

Viernes pasado cenamos con nuestros amigos. Fuimos a un restaurante nuevo en la calle Paris. Fuimos a las deis y quedamos dos o treis horas en el restaurante. Despues de comer, estabamos yendo a nuestra casa cuando Cristobal nos invito para una fiesta en Gracia. Cogimos un taxi y llegamos en la fiesta a la una y media. Habian muchos espagnoles y fue necesario hablar castellano. Cristobal tocaba guitara. Estabamus cantando cuando un senor desnudo se presento en una terraza en al otro lado de la calle. Despues fuimos a casa.

Felicidad a mi profesora Sarah que me a ensinado …….

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Weekend of July 7, 2006

We started the weekend with an amazing Friday night. We had plans to meet friends at 10:00 for dinner. Dinner is normally very late here. A lot of restaurants do not even open until 9:00 PM. This restaurant had just opened a few months ago and quickly established reputation for good food. A fusion of Catalan, New Orelans and Asian foods. It definitely lived up to it’s reputation.

There were 10 of us so we had to split our group into 2 separate tables. It was ok because we were right beside each other and that allowed us to styretch our legs a bit.

The restaurant Me is on C/Paris, near the corner of C/Muntaner. It is walking distance from our place. Mandy, Nat and Toni had to leave at 12:30 because a friend of theirs was performing at a club and they promised to be there. We left about 1:00 AM and Cristobal invited us all to a small party in Gracia.

The party was on a terrace just around the corner from a small square Alex and I go to after supper during the week. We had a discussion about the hardships of learning a new language. Elizabeth wanted us to speak english so she could practice and we wanted to speak Spanish so we could practice. We compromised by use speaking Spanish and her speaking english. Cristobal is quite the guitar player so we all sang to his playing. Reminded me of Pearl’s parties. We left around 3:30 AM and walked home. We had planned to go to the beach on Saturday to Sant Pol de Mar. Since we were taking the train, we planned to meet at Placa Catalunya at noon. It turns out that Naomi was the only one who made it. The others were still in bed at noon and bowed out.

It takes about an hour to get there but it was well worth it. The water is crystal clear and warm, the beaches, not too crowded and the pueblo was bonito. We spent time on the playa and went to a restaurant on another beach. We had to wait a bit but it was worth it. A clara, 2 bottles of a fresh white wine from the region, calamari and paella. After eating we went back to the beach and had a siesta. When I woke up, I just opened my eyes, stared into a blue sky and thought, wow, here I am, lying on a beach on the Mediterranean. It can’t get much better than this. I didn’t get too many pictures of the beach but if you go to Alex’s blog you can see some there. We walked up to an old church that looked out over the town and sea.

Then we caught the train home and were back in our casa by 10:00. A great day. Today, Sunday, is cleaning and quiet day. Hope you all had a great weekend too.

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Sant Pol de Mar

About 55′ train ride from Barcelona is Sant Pol de Mar, a quiet and nice seaside town on the Costa Brava. The plan was to head out on saturday morning, around 9 am, with some friends but after a late night on friday (you can read about that here) Alan and I settled with our friend Naomi to meet at Plaza Catalunya at noon. The rest of the gang slept in and decided not to go.

We made it to the 12:18 train and had a pleasant train ride north. The train rides along the coast, right by the beach – pleasant for us but not so pleasant for many coastal communities which sees its access to the sea cut by roads and train tracks – an after many very pleasant-looking beaches, we arrived at Sant Pol

We walked a little to the left, away from the train station, and found one nice beach after another. Despite the coarse sand – not my thing – the beach was VERY nice. The water was crystal clear and the temperature just right. Must bring snorkeling kit next time! The ambience was also much nicer than in Barcelona. We felt at ease and had no worries about pickpockets or the like. After a while at the beach, Naomi and I set out to find a place for lunch. At the next beach we found a busy seaside restaurant serving what looked like really nice paella. We went back for Alan and the three of us lined up to get a table. We ha to wait a while but it was well worth it! We had gazpacho, calamares & one of the best paellas I’ve had so far. We also tried a young, fizzy, white wine from Galicia that goes particularly well with seafood. After two bottles, coffee and dessert we were ready for a nap. By that point the sun had eased a bit and we went back to the beach, where we slept until 7 pm. Naomi, Alan and I then set out to explore the town a bit and here are some of the images I got of a wonderful day:

We definitely need to go back!! We may go again next weekend…

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