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Gordon and Jean’s Arrival

Gordon and Jean arrived last night. We met them at Estacio de Franc. They had been in Paris the week before, conducting business in the tropical heat that is enveloping the city. Gordon says it was lucky they could wear business casual but the long pants were a killer. I can relate. Here in Barcelona, I am constantly sweating. I drank over 3 litres of water yesterday and I’m still thirsty. Anyhow, they are here and ready to relax and tour. It’s good to have them here.

For most of the week they were with Jenn and took the tour bus for two days to get a general concept of Barcelona and what the city has to offer. They really enjoyed the tour and from what I understand, saw a lot. I’m glad because Jenn is heading home tomorrow and I felt that she really hadn’t seen much of the city itself. Last night we went to Kibuka on C/Goya with Naomi and Xavi and had a fantastic meal. Naomi has started a blog and I very much enjoyed reading it. You can link to her blog on the side.

Today we went to Freixenet by train and they all really enjoyed the tour. How could we not. The cellars were cool and we were given an excellent introduction to the facility. At the end of the tour we were each given a glass (or two) of cava and some munchies in a very pleasant setting.

After returning to BCN, we walked down Ramblas into bari gotic to look for a place to eat. I must confess, I started acting like a two year old because we were wandering around looking for this restaurant. Alex chatted with me and made me realize what an idiot I was being. She did it in her own special and amazing way, completely without criticism. Tonight we’ll go for a walk around our neighbourhood and tomorrow we retrun Jenn to her place of origin. I really hope she enjoyed her trip.

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