Jenn’s Departure – Maybe

July 28, 2006 at 8:08 pm Leave a comment

Well I must admit, today was an exercise in feeling totally useless. We started off the day by escorting Jenn to the airport for her 11:00 AM flight on Lufthansa. We checked her in, got boarding cards for both flights and checked her baggage. Then Alex and I headed home. I went to my final spanish class, yes, I said final. I was supposed to finish up next week but I had enough for awhile. I was sitting in class and my phone rang so I went out to the hall to answer it. It was around 3:00 and it was Jenn, she hadn’t left Barcelona yet. She was sticking around to reschedule her flight.

It’s now 7:45 PM and by monitoring internet and Lufthansa’s web site it looks like her flight will leave at 8:00 PM. She’s called a few times and we told her it was due to depart at 8:00 PM. She didn’t know that so communication at the airport must be lousy. We found out that it was Iberia employees who staged a wildcat (against their union’s advice) and occupied the runways and tarmacs preventing any arrivals or departures. The busiest day of the year in BCN and these people decide to pull this trick. I’m surprised the Spanish national police didn’t get in there right away and make some arrests. Her situation has raised some questions because even I wouldn’t quite know how to handle something like this if the airline I was travelling on refused responsibility. She had booked online on an Air Canada flight and connected to a Lufthansa flight. The problem was the airport so who is responsible for these passengers ?

Update. After a posting creeping departure times the flight finally left at 9:00 so Jenn is currently enroute to Frankfurt. I hope she presses Lufthansa for hotel vouchers because she will not be flying to Canada until tomorrow, maybe.

I’ll let you know the final outcome.

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