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Gordon and Jean’s Last Week

First of all, the photos in this post were all taken by Gordon or Jean.

It was a great week with Gordon and Jean. On Tuesday we went with them, Kaiko, Joy and her boyfriend to Sant Pol de Mar. The weather was amazing. The beaches there are made of a more pebbly sand which I prefer. As a result, the water is much clearer so snorkeling over the rock is more of an adventure. Of course we went to La Platjola, arestaurant right on the beach. The paella there is great and so is the wine.

After lunch we were all feeling a little slow. We went back to the beach and most of us plunged back into the water. After paddling around our energy returned. I took one of the rubber mattresses and swam way out to the yellow buoy. I could have swam there without the mattress but since there was no safety net I used the mattress. Gordon had a tire tube and it was awkward to swim with.

Later in the afternoon, I found my shade and crashed. Alex and the rest walked up to the old church at the top of the hill. A great view from up there.

The group gathering at the top of the hill. I guess Jean took the photo.

And this is the way we head back to Barcelona, on those same train tracks……..

When they returned we had to deflate all the toys Joy brought. They had these special valves and it was quite the challenge to deflate them, as you can see by Kaiko’s expression…….

Wednesday was spent trying to catch up on things that they wanted to see. We did not cover them all but hopefully they gained a sense of what Barcelona is all about.

Gordon and Jean generously took Alex and I out for supper that night, their last in Barcelona. We went to Me, an upscale restaurant on C/Paris. This was the second time we’d been there and we were not disappointed. The food there is amazing. Alex and I will try to eat there once a month to see how it evolves. The food is a fusion of Saigon plus New Orleans and Barcelona cuisine.

Thursday morning saw Gordon and Jean hop in a taxi to catch their Air France flight to Paris and on to Montreal. We had a lot of enjoyment having them with us for a few weeks. I hope they enjoyed their visit and saw and experienced everything they wanted to.

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