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It Finally Happened

Well, today, Tuesday September 19 it happened. Norbert and Carole are in town and we were just wandering around. We had gone to Hospital Sant Pau and took the number 92 bus up to the top entrance of Parc Guell. We walked around the park and exited at the lower entrance. From there we walked to where the number 24 bus stops. It was crowded and when the bus came there was a lot of people in a hurry to get on. Once on, someone pushed Norbert and he gave them grief. I was also being jostled and I kept looking at my pocket to make sure nothing was going on there. I had my camera in my other hand and I was trying to keep my balance on a moving bus. I felt something near the pocket so I turned away so that my pocket was against the seat. To no avail. There were three east europeans working together and they got out at the next stop. Actually, they waited until the door was closing and then dashed out. I immediately felt for my wallet and guess what, gone. I should have yelled something right away but for some reason I didn’t (maybe pride). I didn’t lose much, maybe 5 Euros at most. I had a debit card, my drivers licence, my health insurance card and a pocket version of my birth certificate. All except the birth certificate are photo id. I had another debit card so I used it right away to cancel the old one.

How do I feel ? I’m not sure. I am pissed off but not all that much. I do wish that I could have inflicted severe physical pain on one of them and I envision different scenarios by which that happens. Anyhow, I now have experience on what to look for. I was always cautious on the subway but the bus had never occured to me. It just goes to show that even when you’re prepared you always let your guard down and that is when it happens. OK, now I have learned and will take measures to prevent this from happening again. Now anyone reading this blog must understand that this type of theft occurs in ALL big cities. Paris, London and Rome. Barcelona is no exception and I would still encourage everyone to come and visit.

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