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Weather part II – photos

I don’t want to rub it in – ok, maybe just a little – but I thought I would post some pictures of when we went to the beach with my parents. Keep in mind that this was mid october (!) If it’s any consolation, the locals say it should be colder than this by now…

Cyclist at the beach

Don’t know who the dude is but he looked pretty relaxed…

People sitting by the boardwalk

Alan said I couldn’t capture the wave breaking with my film camera so I had to prove him wrong:

Waves breaking

And I got the hang of it and went a little nuts:

more waves

The next one is not very big but I like the colours and reflections in it:

waves again

But the best was watching my nephew, Matheus, having fun

Matheus & TecoTeco & Matheus

Needless to say, he was not happy when we had to leave!!

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Making Decisions

Well, here I was all set to upgrade my camera from a Canon G6 to the Canon EOS 30D. What had generated interest was the release of the Canon G7. It’s a beautiful looking camera and an upgrade from my G6.

I started doing research on this camera but as soon as I found it didn’t have raw capability I was not at all interested.

While looking at the G7 I learned that the Canon EOS 400D/XTi had also been released. I read all the pre-release reviews at the Digital Photography Review (a must visit site for anyone interested in digital photography (also check out Fred Miranda’s site)) and I became really interested in this camera.

I was going to wait until we returned to Toronto because I thought that if any version changes were made they would probably be done by the time I returned. The G7 has new imaging software (Digic III). I think that if it works ok then by the time I return they might re-release the Canon EOS 400D/XTi with digic III. Well, while reading the tons of information about this camera I discovered the Canon EOS 30D. It had some features that I wanted but were not on the 400D. Features such as spot metering, a broader range of ISO settings, a faster continuous drive and a pentaprism viewer instead of a pentamirror.

These features are not earth shattering but I did decide on the 30D, actually I set my heart on it. Alex and I went down to a few photo stores here in Barcelona and I looked at the 30D. It fit nicely in my hand and I loved the quality of the build. I started reading more user reviews and guess what, they made me question my choice. It seems there is a big issue with dust on the sensor. Even right out of the box the camera needs a cleaning (so I’ve read). I tried to re-evaluate to the 400D but the big complaint about that camera is the ergonomics. It might sound picky to some but a camera has to feel right. My G6 is a great little point and shoot camera but the ergonomics of it sometimes get in the way of getting a quick shot off. There are features on the 400D that I like such as 10.1 megapixels and a dust removal system but I don’t know how effective the dust removal system is. I started looking a the Nikon D80 but it’s price for the features it has is a no go for me. Besides, I hear that although the build quality seems much better than the Canon, the photos are not as sharp as that of Canon ( I know, it’s the lens and sharpness is an qualitative issue)

I even went as far as contacting Henry’s Photo in Toronto to get the cost of shipping one to me. By the way, they were great. Alex bought her Minolta from them and their attitude and friendliness have made me a loyal customer.

Ok, so now you know my problems. I don’t want to spend the money on the EOS 400D and now I don’t want to buy the 30D either. Actually, the posts about Canon have me questioning their quality control. They used to be known for their high quality products. Is success ruining them ???? Maybe I’ll just wait another few years and see what happens. Sigh.

Any thoughts on this (leave a comment) .

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