Lisbon trip part I

December 13, 2006 at 10:35 pm 1 comment

Travelling low cost

This is the first time we’ve travelled on a low-cost carrier. Things looked promising: booking on the internet was easy, our check-in counter was a lot less crowded than Iberia’s counter. “Wow, this is not bad at all. I wonder why people would pay full fares.” That optimism lasted until Alan checked his boarding pass a bit more closely. “What?? We don’t get a seat number??” he yelled as flashbacks of bad experiences travelling standby as an airline employee flashed through his mind. Apparently not.

I tried to appease him saying it didn’t really matter, all the seats were the same anyways. Having said that, I hastened to add “but make sure you grab the seats by the emergency exit”. To which Alan replied: “I thought you said all the seats were the same…” Well, I have long legs.

He had sort of calmed down and resigned to the fact that we may have to fight for seats when a new surprise appeared. We had passed through security and started looking for gate 27. We follow the signs, get to the room where gate 27 was supposed to be but fail to find it. We then see a set of stairs leading to the room below, at street level. The sign was clear – “Gates 27 & 28”. “What?? We don’t even get a gate???” Not really. We had to catch a bus to the airplane. Having lived through the golden years of international aviation, the whole experience was a bit of a cultural shock for my poor hubby. Some of the pearls I had to listen:

“I wonder if we get flight attendants.”

“Next thing we know, we’ll have to pay for the bus ride to the airplane.”


The whole experience was ok, though. The employees were very professional and curteous, the flights left on time and arrived a few minutes early, and both planes were half empty (or half full, depending on how you see things), meaning we didn’t have to fight for seats. But I sure wish someone would explain to me how these carriers can survive when they charge so little for their tickets… I was pricing a trip from Barcelona to Granada in February and it would have cost 40 euros, all inclusive (taxes, etc), for Alan and I. That is: 20 euros each. Return.


More trip reports will come on Friday, when I finally get my pictures back from the photo lab (sigh! I wish I had a digital SLR…)

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  • 1. Jen P.  |  December 14, 2006 at 6:32 am

    So many adventures! I love reading your blog!!


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