Winter has arrived in Montreal

January 16, 2007 at 11:48 pm 3 comments

Friends and family have been telling us how unseasonable weather has been in Canada. It reached 10 degrees celsius over the Christmas holiday!! There was no snow to speak off… And this is in the country where snow is not uncommon in october!! Winter in TO - CBC archives

Well, winter came in with a vengeance yesterday. 20 cm of the white stuff blanketed Montreal and the temperature is expected to fall to -22 tonight. Tomorrow, it will reach -17. Normal temperature at this time of year is a high of -6 and low of -15. It’s -8 in Toronto right now but with the strong wind it feels more like -19.

People here in Spain and in Brazil often ask me how can live in that kind of cold. Of course, they don’t believe me when I tell them it’s not as bad as it sounds. The clothes are appropriate, houses are built to insulate against the cold and the heating systems are very efficient. I have honestly felt colder in Brazil that I’ve ever felt in Montreal (or Toronto).

In Canada I’ve learned that winter and cold weather do not necessarily equal dark weather. Since the sun never quite loses its strength, in Brazil the coldest days are overcast, rainy days. So, I’ve always associated cold weather with a lack of sun. But Montreal rectified that. With one of the coldest winters anywhere I also found it very sunny. The coldest days were always the sunniest and there’s nothing as beautiful as a sunny day in a snowy landscape! Just hope for no wind…

Click here for a vocabulary of all the different kinds of snow we get in Canada.

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Martin Luther King Day Taller (Pronounced tay – ae)

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  • 1. acomentarista  |  January 17, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    A paisagem é linda…e dá frio só de olhar! rsss


  • 2. Bruna  |  January 18, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    Hahahaha! Nao sou geminiana, nao, mas moro com um que é, e muito!
    E sobre o frio, nao tem ninguém no mundo que vai conseguir me convencer que se pode viver num pais onde faz – 20 graus!!!! Eu quase morro com -3…

  • 3. Antibush  |  February 13, 2007 at 6:38 pm

    Bush and the Republicans were not protecting us on 9-11, and we aren’t a lot safer now. We may be more afraid due to george bush, but are we safer? Being fearful does not necessarily make one safer. Fear can cause people to hide and cower. What do you think? Why has bush turned our country from a country of hope and prosperity to a country of belligerence and fear.
    Are we safer today than we were before?
    The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren’t living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.


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