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New Beginings ???? Maybe ……….

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve made any entries here. Hopefully, that will change starting with today’s entry.
I’ve spent most of the last year in Toronto playing online in Second Life as a photographer there. I also got back into playing guitar and fooling around with synthesizers. Needless to say, I wasn’t too inspired to continue blogging. Here’s some examples of stuff I did in SL.

On May 19th, we left Toronto and flew to Paris arriving in the morning of May 20th. After making our way to the hotel near the Bastille, we headed over to a restaurant near Places des Voges. Since it was a gorgeous day, we ate out on the terrace and took in the entire atmosphere that Paris always generates.

Needless to say, once dinner was over we were feeling a bit sleepy so back to the hotel for a short nap.

After our regen, we headed over towards Place d’italie to check out Butte aux Cailles.

A very different neighborhood and we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around and stopping in at various shops, cafes and tea shops.

Wednesday, we headed off to Gare de Lyons to catch the TGV to Montpellier.

Quite the surprise when we got to our first class seats. Very pleasant atmosphere and comfortable. The sights along the way were enough to keep us glued to the windows. These Nuclear reactor cooling towers didn’t seem to fit in and overwhelmed the surrounding landscape.

Other sites reminded us of the long history that Europe has.

Once we got to MontPellier we walked across the street to people watch and have a beer, or Alex had a beer and I sipped. Loved the atmosphere there too.

At 9:45 PM we arrived in Barcelona’s Gar Franca and peering throug the crows I could see Jackie sitting on the bench waiting for us. It was great seeing them again. We hadn’t seen them for a whole year and it actually seemed like yesterday. We bagan walking back to their place and Jackie stops and says “Look, there’s your favorite restaurant” and there was Wushu. We just HAD to go in. It was an amazing greeting. Paula gave us Cava and Brad come out to show us his new kitchen. We felt really great, as if we’d arrived home.

We finally got to bed at 1:00 and slept soundly. Wandered around Thursday and of course went to Wushu for lunch. From there we walked over and surprised Sylvie working. We went back with her to her place and chilled for a bit.

Back to S & J’s where we downloaded the photos from today but………..Alex lost all of her photo’s from today and most of the train shots. She’s trying to recover them now.

We have to figure out why………..

Until next time

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