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The First Week

This first week in Barcelona was spent catching up with friends and setting up meeting times.

On Friday we met Joy for lunch out near Glories, To get there we took the metro to Marina and the tram from there to Glories. I love this tram, it’s so modern and efficient, too bad Toronto needs to spend so much time on analysis instead of doing, we could have a public transit system like Barcelona. No, it’s NOT perfect but leagues ahead of Toronto.

The stop at Marina………

Inside the tram………..

After lunch we walked back to Marina and on the way passed the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. It is quite impressive and these photos do not do it justice.

On Sunday, we had to go out and get some items for dinner so we went out around 2:00 PM. Once on the street, Alex wanted to go and see the “Dancing Egg” so we walked over to the old archive building near Placa del Rei. It’s a beautiful building and the wooden roof above the staircase is from the 16th Century. It’s stunning. See Alex’s blog for more detail on this practice.

Alex taking some photos of the egg ……

Inside the cloister of the old archive building

There is a huge bronze door in the archives that depicts many of the Catalin artist Subirach. This is a small detail on the door…….

After leaving the archives we wandered over to the parc before surprising Sylvie at her place.

Alex sitting in Sylvie’s kitchen. She owns an amazing apartment in Bari Gotic (the old town) that she is remodeling and doing an amazing job of it too.

Looking out from her terrace…………

From there we headed back to Sebastien’s and Jackies for a great meal.

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