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Roger’s and iPhone

Well, I just read an article about the proposed rates Roger’s will charge for the iPhone and I quote …..

“The Canadian carrier of the iPhone plans on charging its customers $75 a month for just 300 minutes, 100 text messages, and only 750MB of data, making AT&T’s monthly rates look like a bargain—and judging from a rapidly growing online petition, Canadian iPhone fans are none too happy.

Rogers announced its iPhone 3G rate plans late last week, and as Fortune reports, they’re pretty brutal.

For starters: You must sign a three-year contract, rather than two (or, as Fortune points out, just 18 months in the U.K.).”

Now I don’t usually write about companies like Roger’s but when we got back from Spain, we decided to go with them as a pay as you go customer. Well, I have never seen such lousy customer service in my life. Needless to say, it took us one month to switch over to Telus. Now they understand the concept of customer service.

Anyhow, we own two Apple Powerbooks and an Imac plus Airport Extreme base station. We both have iPods but I seriously doubt we will have an iPhone, not with Roger’s as the service provider.

Go sign the petition

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Madrid – Last Day of Our Visit

Wow, we arrived in Madrid to catch our flight home. Actually we decided to come to Madrid a day early and do a little wandering.

Here’s some places we meandered into ………..


In the afternoon we had tpo go back to Atocha to meet a blog friend of Alex’s. While waiting we went to the memorial to the victims of the terrorist attack that happened at this station. It was quite moving and looking at the crowds in this station it must have been total mayhem.

The dome where the light comes in is housed in a glass tower that protrudes above the ground and is lined with expressions of love for the victims of the victims.

From this point on we went from bar to bar with friends until the early morning hours.

We got up early the next morning, off to the airport and home by 3:00PM. It was a great ending to a wonderful vacation and time spent with truly good friends.

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