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The Voyage Home

Sebastian drove us to the airport on May 2, 2007. We were leaving. The time had finally arrived. I couldn’t believe how fast it had come and how much faster it had gone. I can remember the planning before going to Spain.

The last few months were special for me. Sebastian and Jackie had opened their home to us and we are so thankful to them. Both of them are truly amazing people.

We flew with Lufthansa to Frankfurt and the flight was uneventful.

Great weather greeted us.

Frankfurt airport is HUGE but we had plenty of time to make our connection.

Alex HAD to have a beer in Germany. She had practiced asking for one in German for a few weeks. Sebastian had taught her many phrases in German. She actually started talking to me using German phrases in the middle of the night. I didn’t know where or who I was with for a minute there. It was too funny.

Leaving Frankfurt airport and flying over the city.

and arriving in Canada. Al and Pearl came to pick us up at the airport. A surprise was Perry, who came along to greet us. It was a long day but we had arrived.

We’ll be staying with Pearl and Al until our apartment is ready in June. Tuesday, May 15, we leave for Brasil to visit Alex’s family.

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Jenn’s Departure – Finally

It’s 12:10 P.M. and Jen just called her mom from Franfurt – from the Lufthansa desk. They are putting her up in a hotel overnight and she will fly home tomorrow via Munich on Lufthansa. She leaves Frankfurt at 11:15 A.M. and Munich at 15:30 arriving in Montreal at 17:50 P.M. Kudos to Lufthansa for taking care of Jenn because they were not responsible for the chaos at BCN.
She is ok . Hope she has a good night’s sleep and relaxes up at the cottage. This is one holiday she’ll never forget.

Here’s an update from Jenn when she arrived in Montreal…………


I finally made it home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a long adventure back. I arrived at the hotel near the Frankfurt airport at approx 1am. I only got to sleep at about 2am (after a knock on the door from room service that I did not order!).

I got up at 7am, had breakfast at the hotel and then went to the airport. I was sent to one desk after another and finally had my flights confirmed. I asked if there was any possibility of getting on the A/C flight to Mtl at 10:50am but it was full. Apparently, not only were delays caused by the stike in Spain but also bad weather in Frankfurt. The airport was crazy this morning.

I had a 3 hour wait in Munich which I spent most of reading. Thank goodness I had a good book!

Probably because I was anxious to get home, but the flight from Munich seemed very long. I finished my book and had already seen the movie so there was not much to do.

I am glad to be back home. I am not going to the cottage since would want to be back early afternoon to do laundry.

Thank you again so much for such a wonderful time. Although I could have done without the adventure at the end, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my vacation.

Enjoy the rest of Gordon and Jean’s visit.



P.S. You can tell Gordon that I was cursing him yesterday. He must have jinxed the flight by saying over and over that he had to find a way for me to stay in Barcelona.


As a footnote to this whole advenure I’d like to add that we never forget unplanned adventures. If this trip had occured as planned it would simply have become one of many pleasant memories. Now, Jenn has stories to tell and those stories will last a lifetime.

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Jenn’s Departure – Maybe

Well I must admit, today was an exercise in feeling totally useless. We started off the day by escorting Jenn to the airport for her 11:00 AM flight on Lufthansa. We checked her in, got boarding cards for both flights and checked her baggage. Then Alex and I headed home. I went to my final spanish class, yes, I said final. I was supposed to finish up next week but I had enough for awhile. I was sitting in class and my phone rang so I went out to the hall to answer it. It was around 3:00 and it was Jenn, she hadn’t left Barcelona yet. She was sticking around to reschedule her flight.

It’s now 7:45 PM and by monitoring internet and Lufthansa’s web site it looks like her flight will leave at 8:00 PM. She’s called a few times and we told her it was due to depart at 8:00 PM. She didn’t know that so communication at the airport must be lousy. We found out that it was Iberia employees who staged a wildcat (against their union’s advice) and occupied the runways and tarmacs preventing any arrivals or departures. The busiest day of the year in BCN and these people decide to pull this trick. I’m surprised the Spanish national police didn’t get in there right away and make some arrests. Her situation has raised some questions because even I wouldn’t quite know how to handle something like this if the airline I was travelling on refused responsibility. She had booked online on an Air Canada flight and connected to a Lufthansa flight. The problem was the airport so who is responsible for these passengers ?

Update. After a posting creeping departure times the flight finally left at 9:00 so Jenn is currently enroute to Frankfurt. I hope she presses Lufthansa for hotel vouchers because she will not be flying to Canada until tomorrow, maybe.

I’ll let you know the final outcome.

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