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Nikon Back

I love doing new things that require a bit of planning. As previous posts show, I have started up photography again and been a bit successful with it. I recently had a photo chosen by the Torontoist to display on their site. If you want to see the photo go here.

Anyhow, that bit of news is not what I want to write about here. In browsing Flickr I discovered a Flickr friend had produced an image using a Canon 5DmkII mounted on a Widepan sliding back attached to a Linhof 4×5″ Technika V camera with a Wollensak 11.5″ lens (see the image here) . I loved the color the lens produced and I also was attracted to the challenge of doing the same thing using my Crown Graphic. I decided I would try to attach my Nikon D80 to the camera. The fun was in the planning.

I needed a mount for the camera and Stan, at International Camera (now closed) gave me an old Nikon lens that had the mount I needed. I took the lens apart and voila, I had the adaptor. My next problem was to decide how to mount the adaptor to the Crown Graphic. I let the problem sit for a few weeks and one morning woke up with the solution. I would go to the art store and pick up a foam board that I could cut to proper dimensions and mount the adaptor on. While looking at the foam boards I saw a 5×7 canvas that artists use to paint on. It was perfect, two glued together would be just the right thickness for the Graflox back on my Crown. I bought some flat black paint and three boards and the total came to $11.

I measured the film holders and applied the measurements to the canvas, cut the canvas, found the centre location for the adaptor and cut the required hole for it. Everything worked like a charm. Actually, I was going to mount the adaptor with the lens barrel but decided to use an extension tube as a spacer for the camera and mount the adaptor fluch on the back. Here is the pre paint (I need to paint the Nikon back black) results……………

Initially I mounted the camera using a 36mm extension tube for a spacer but I couldn’t focus the camera to infinity. I stopped down the lens to f32 and this photo resulted……….

This was my very first picture using the Nikon on my Crown Graphic. Although totally out of focus I was really happy about it.

I exchanged the 36mm tube with a 20 mm one and these are the shots I took with it……….

All the above shots were with the focus on infinity so I had to test a macro shot using the same setup.

Since the Graflex uses bellows there was no reason why I couldn’t get as close as I wanted to my subject. Anyhow, the results of a closeup………………….

The lens on my Crown Graphic is Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 135 mm, a “normal” lens for 4×5. I don’t know what the focal length is when my Nikon is mounted on it but I suspect it must be around 500 or 600 mm. It was a fun project and now I need to find another one. Hmmm, maybe build a camera using an old Minolta zoom lens as a start.

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Today’s Music

Alex’s parents and brother are on their way home so today I listened to some music and practised guitar. Here are some of the songs that played…..Am I bored or what?????

Sometimes it’s difficult to find someone who can come out and play, especially when they all work.

Anyhow, next week I’ll get back into my normal routines so here’s the list………

Dido – Sand In My Shoes (A&B UV Mix; Mixmag Edit)  , 16:11
Morozov – Fly Guitar (Astero Breaks Mix)  , 16:06
One At Last – Hamana Nale (Lotus Mix)  , 15:03
Tau – Touche’ (Sutra Edit)  , 14:58
hands upon black earth – Bajya Sahita  , 14:52
Tini Tun – Over It  , 14:49
Honeymoon Suite – Burning in Love  , 14:35
Fleetwood Mac – Although the Sun Is Shining  , 14:32
Budgie – Who Do You Want for Your Love?  , 14:26
Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well – Part 1  , 14:23
Rose Melberg – Take Some Time  , 14:18
The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band  , 14:16
Delerium – Silence (Above & Beyond’s 21st Century Mix; Mixmag Edit)  , 14:14
Los Lonely Boys – My Loneliness  , 14:09
Bad Company – Rock Steady  , 14:05
Lostep – Theme from a Fairytale  , 13:54
The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done  , 13:49
Motörhead – You Better Run  , 13:45
Fleetwood Mac – Rattlesnake Shake  , 13:37
Govi – High Spirits  , 13:33
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Long as I Can See the Light  , 13:29
Ashtrax – Symmetry 1  , 13:27
Eagles – Hotel California  , 13:20
Eric Clapton – Layla  , 13:15
Dark Dreams – Project 7  , 13:11
Tini Tun – Over It  , 13:07
Naked Eyes – Always Something There to Remind Me  , 12:45
Ozzy Osbourne – I Don’t Know  , 12:40

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Wow, this has been one boring week. On Friday I thought I’d repeat Thursday and go to the gym. I was going to swim 4000 metres in however long it took. I figured at least I’d be doing something. Didn’t work out though, I got to my club only to discover that it was closed until Monday. They are doing major renovations to the facilities and I guess they reached a point where they needed to shut down. We do have access to other Claror clubs so we’re not left out completely. Anyhow, I head back home. Now I have to face what I’ve been avoiding all week. Cooking ……………….

A little background here. Jackie and Sebastien had organized a cooking party. All the cooking and preparation was to be done at their place and each person was to cook something from their country of origin. Alex was cooking bobo de camarao and I was making tarte au sucre. I had been stressing about the pie crust all week long and now it was time to organise my ingredients and directions for both the crust and the filling. I found a recipe for pie crust on the web and went with that. Gordon sent me the following recipe for the filling and that’s what I went with…………..

Tarte au sucre (Tante Monique)

Quantité Ingrédient

1 tasse Crème 35%
2 tasses Cassonade
2 Jaunes d’œufs
½ tasse Farine
¼ tasse Beurre
1 cuillerée à thé Vanille
1 cuillerée à thé Lait


Préchauffer le four à 400oF (205oC). Battre un des jaunes d’œufs dans une tasse de crème 35%. Mêler la farine, la cassonade et le beurre, et y ajouter le mélange jaune d’œuf/crème. Faire cuire en brassant continuellement jusqu’à ce que le mélange épaississe. Ajouter la vanille. Laisser refroidir. Verser ensuite le mélange refroidi dans une abaisse de pâte à tarte non cuite. Recouvrir de languettes de pâte en damier. Mêler le deuxième jaune d’œuf avec le lait et badigeonner les languettes de pâte avec le mélange. Cuire au four pendant 20 minutes jusqu’à ce que les languettes de pâte soient dorées.

Once I was organised I helped Alex clean and shell the shrimp. She showed me how to remove the heads by twisting it off. Yikes, I was traumatized. I had to cut the heads off ten thousand shrimp, ok maybe not ten thousand but a lot of them. It took us most of the afternoon to clean them then we packed everything up and headed off to their place and I started my pie crust. It looked ok but then how do I know what it’s supposed to look like. I’ve seen bread dough so I figured it should look like that. I finaly got there and then it was time to start the filling. After adding, mixing, stirring and heating I put the pot aside to cool. It did not look very appetizing. Sorry Gordon and Jean, I did not do your recipe justice.

Meanwhile, more people are arriving and cooking space is becoming prime real estate.

I grabbed the oven before anyone else could and put my “creation” into the heat for 20 minutes. What came out of the oven was a boiling mass of primordal guck. Needless to say my worst fears were realized, I had failed as a world class dessert chef, how depressing. I might add that Sebastien runs a chef school here in Barcelona and with everyone running around you could see he was enjoying himself.

What an amazing menu. I couldn’t begin to name all the dishes that people cooked up but I absolutely enjoyed every one of them (except one lonely pie) . There were German, Australian, Spanish, Catalan, Canadian, Brazilian, Chilean, Uruguayan and French dishes. Nat and Mandy brought kangaroo meat, it was great. I have to confess, I had two kebobs of the meat. We ate and drank and enjoyed the camraderie made even better by full stomachs and the warm glow brought on by fine wine.

At the beginning of the evening, Alex was feeling a bit under the weather and running a slight fever. We think it was a touch of food poisoning. She was well cared for by Francisca and Jackie and towards the end of the evening was not doing too badly.

I am constantly awed by the personalities of the people we’ve met here. To me, they are all true individuals who are living life to it’s fullest. Each and every time we are invited to Jackie’s we meet another individual who is right up there. Last night was no exception. Backtracking, Alex and I plan on doing el Comino de Santiago when she graduates and before she starts working and last night we met Franko, a friend of Sebastiens.


He left the Lake Constance area (border of Switzerland and Germany) in May and did an extended version of the camino. He walked 2444 kms to Santiago. What an amzing period of self discovery he must have had. He was saying that he did not need map or compass as the trail is clearly marked all the way to Santiago de Compostela. I regret I didn’t have the opportunity to sit down and discuss his experiences because it wasn’t really the time or place to have such a discussion.

Last but not least, a hearty welcome home to Ana who was off in Austrailia for the past month. She just arrived home this morning and was already out with her friends……Welcome home Ana


Today, Saturday is slow. Alex is still not up to speed so we’re just hanging around. Besides, it’s a rainy, cool day (for a change) here in Barcelona. Looks like my boring days are over.

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It’s been one whole week since Jean and Gordon have left and since I stopped going to Spanish classes. I don’t know if everything stopped too suddenly or if it’s just an adjustment but I’M TOTALLY BORED. I’ve been going to the gym every day and today I swam 3000 metres in 1 hr 10 mins. The only reason I stayed was because there was nothing to do. I should rephrase that, there is lot’s to do but I have an excuse for not doing anything. Maybe I need downtime after being so busy for so long. I do have a theory about it. I think it’s because I’ve been so busy since we’ve been here with the last month the busiest of all. It’s not really boredom but a period of adjustment. It used to be like that at work. I’d be really into developing this model and once the model was finished I’d usually have a week where nothing inspired me. Then, all of a sudden, I’d be right back into my next project. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything I could work on because I had soooo many things I could choose from. It’s like now, everyone is gone, school is over and I could be out skating, laying on the beach, exploring the city with my camera or sketch pad, practicing guitar more and I could go on and on. Yet here I am. I’ll let you know what heppens next week. For now, I think I’ll go for a nap.

Here’s a random photo. It was taken since we’ve been over here ……..

Now THAT was a great day (and night)………….

I really have to thank our new friends Jackie and Sebastian who hosted the feast and of course Naomi who introduced us to everyone.

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