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My two favourite football players

Zico & Ronaldinho

January 14, 2007 at 12:15 am 2 comments

America 0 x 4 Barça

Experts say it was like an earthquake of the magnitude of 10. FC Barcelona (Barça) is in Japan playing the world tournament (el mundialito as they call it here in Spain) and despite claiming they were still tired from jetlag and couldn’t promise anything, they massacred their rival, Club America (Mexico), with four beautiful goals. Ronaldinho was phenomenal once again and confirms the amazing phase; I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets chosen best player of the year again.

Here are some of the goals, by Gudjohnsen, Ronaldinho & Deco:

They play the final on sunday with a team from Brazil, the Internacional de Porto Alegre. As my brother says, to win that one Inter will have to play everything they know and hope that Barça doesn’t do the same 😉

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Barça 2 x 0 Werder Bremmen

Ronaldinho is a genius!

Barça had a very important match last tuesday. They had to beat Werder Bremmen, one of the leading teams at the German championship, to be able to advance in the Champion’s League. They either advanced or they became the first European champeon to not pass the round of 32 in the following year’s championship. So, the pressure was on. And Ronaldinho delivered. The match was decided in the first 20 minutes when he scored the first goal, gave the pass to the second, and even managed to make a pass with the back of his head.

The first goal was a work of genius. Ronaldinho suffered a foul play near the goal area and was given a free kick. Those of you who have watched the guy play know that he is pretty good at the free kick, making the ball curve in totally unexpected ways. He usually makes it go high and around to the top corner of the goal. This time, however, he was facing the very tall German players and was too close to them to get the ball over them properly. So what did he do? He hesitated for one minute before kicking, the men in the barrier jumped, and he kicked underneath them. When I told my dad how he scored, his reaction was “he missed it then”. I said “what do you mean??” He said, “he missed; nobody kicks underneath the barrier”. Hehehe, Ronaldinho did. And here is what Edhur Gudjohnsen had to say afterwards:

“It is fantastic how clever the guy is,” Gudjohnsen said of Ronaldinho. “He seems ready for every situation and the bigger the game, the more he can handle it. He saw that they were going to jump. What he said in the dressing room afterwards was the two really big guys in the wall wouldn’t jump so he put it under the smaller ones. He’s a great player and I guess that makes him psychic. When you play with him and see what he does with a ball, nothing surprises me any more. One of these days, he will make the ball talk.”

And here is that famous goal:

December 7, 2006 at 12:05 pm 1 comment

Real Madrid 2 x 0 Barça

Very sad. The bar was packed with culés (Barça fans) and we had to watch Real Madrid win while Barça players skid all over the wet field. Eto’o & Ronaldinho: we miss you!!!!

Now it’s time to go to bed since tomorrow we get back to our gym routine. This will be a very tough week.

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Barcelona 4 x 0 Bayern Munchen

Tuesday night we went to the mythical Camp Nou stadium to watch FC Barcelona play the current German champion Bayern Munchen for the Gamper Trophy. You can see some comments on the events of the night and the pictures we took in Alan’s blog. I’ll focus here on translating the comments I wrote in Portuguese at my brother’s blog:

I’ve been following Ronaldinho’s career since he arrived in Paris to play for Paris St Germain, a few years ago. It was a cold winter night and I was catching the metro in Paris – where I was accompanying Alan, who was attending a conference – when I saw him at the frontpage of a local newspaper. Living in Canada, I was a bit out of touch with what was going on in the football (soccer) world and wasn’t aware Ronaldinho had left Gremio, his home team in Brazil. And then we had the 2002 world cup, his fame reached new heights and he moved to FC Barcelona. Coincidently, I started studying Spanish history, particularly the Catalan part of the country. And my interest for Catalonia, football and Ronaldinho have merged into a passion for the local team, FC Barcelona – better known as Barça.

Barça reminds me a lot of Flamengo, my Brazilian team. It has a great history and very passionate supporters. The team proudly boasts homemade stars such as the capitain Puyol and the midfielder Xavi, as well as international players such as Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Deco and the recently-hired Gudjohnsen, Thuran & Zambrotta.

Yesterday was the final of the Gamper Trophy against Bayern Munchen, one of the very top European teams and current German champion. Since there were good prospects of a competitive game, tickets were cheaper than usual, and there would be a big party to celebrate the beginning of a new season, I decided to treat Alan to his first football game. As I said above, check his site for his impressions. The party was pretty cool, the environment very festive and full of families, and there were fireworks and light shows for the introduction of each of the players that form the 2006/07 team. Ronaldinho was the last one to be called into the field and the most applauded.

As for the game… Barça showed the kind of game I would like to see the Brazilian national team playing. Group spirit, almost perfect control of the ball, incredible passes, unrelenting pressure (I must say it annoys me to no end when Brazil and other good teams stop playing as soon as they have a favourable score), and a good defense. Bayern showed some battle spirit during the first 20 mins, but there was no way around it. It was a master class and Barcelona was giving it. Ronaldinho open the score board with a perfect free kick and Eto’o scored twice within the following 10 mins. The second half brought in an entire different team – literally, the coach replaced all 11 players to give a chance to the others and to preserve them for Friday’s game – showing that Barça has no B team. The team continued to pressure Bayern and Saviola scored another goal for Barça. Oliver Kahn – the famous German national team goalie – left the field looking pretty sad. And Barcelona showed that which we, Brazilians, respect in a football team: that one can win playing a beautiful and aggressive football.

Gol de Ronaldinho

Sunday they play Seville in Monaco for the Supercup. Visca Barça!!!!

August 24, 2006 at 8:56 am 8 comments

Futbol Virgin

I was before last night. Alex treated me to my first professional futbol (soccer) game last night and that means that I have lost my futbol virginity. FC Barcelona was playing Bayern Munich.

It was amazing. Like going to a hockey game but with 10 times more people and 20 times more avid fans.

I don’t know too much about the strategy employed by the teams but it strikes me as being very much like hockey. They tend to regroup a little more but to watch them setting the team up for an attack is like watching poetry in motion. Barcelona is an exceptional team. The european champions and who knows how many other titles they have. You can see why they are champions. They play as a team. For the most part they don’t even look to see where to pass the ball. Sometimes the player is out of position and the pass fails but most of the time it is right on the money. There are a lot of superstars on the Barcelona team, Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Puyol, Deco, Messi and many more. The beauty of these players is that they still play as a team. Ronaldinho loves to set up goals and to watch him control the ball is like watching a prima ballerina move to music.

Last night’s game was for families. Each adult, when buying an adult ticket could get a free ticket for children.

The stadium was really cool too with the pre-game introduction to the players, the crowd gearing up for a night of fun.

There was a group of fans beside us with Barca’s colors on their cheeks and all wearing team shirts. The men were all in our row, the women were down one row and all the kids were about 8 rows down. They were fun to watch but a little to confused for my liking.

Here’s what the club’s website had to say about last night’s game (and it is all quotes);

Even at this early stage of the season, Barca is beginning to exhaust our reservoir of praise. Every game is a treat for the fans and tonight Frank Rijkaard’s team has won back the Gamper Trophy with a display of exciting attacking football against a Bayern side – undoubtedly one of the favourites for this seasons Champions League – that has won the last two consecutive German league titles plus the German Cup.

Once again, coach Frank Rijkaard went for an attacking line-up featuring Deco, Messi, Ronaldinho and Eto’o, a line-up to bring fear to any defence, whether it’s Espanyol or Bayern. His players didnt let him down. Bayern put up a brave face in the opening 20 minutes (Pizarro and Podolski could even have put their side ahead) but Barca then took charge and the chances began to rain down on Kahn in the Bayern goal, with Deco, Messi and Eto’o all looking dangerous.

However, it was Ronaldinho who opened the score sheet. A free kick in the 32nd minute was, in itself, enough to repay the ticket price of the many tourists who packed into the Nou Camp this evening. A superb shot from the edge of the box over the wall into the top corner of the net with Kahn unable to do more than merely look on.

It was an appropriate reward for the avalanche of attacking play and the enthusiastic support of the fans. With the one-goal cushion, the team threw themselves even more into attack and the second goal was not long in coming. After a delightful display of first touch football, Eto’o seized on a rebound from Oliver Kahn to make it 2-0.

Eto’o then made it 3-0 before the break thanks to a poor clearance from the Bayern defence that left him with only the keeper to beat. Two goals – the perfect way to put to rest the controversy that has unfairly dogged him in recent days.

With the European Super Cup just days away, coach Frank Rijkaard decided to rest his first team regulars and brought on a completely different team for the second half. However, it was more of the same as the new-look Barca team continued to terrorise the Bayern defence.

In the 50th minute, Saviola, who made up the new forward line together with Giuly and Gudjohnsen, got himself in on the Barca party and seized on a cross from Giuly to score his third goal of the pre-season campaign. The fact is everything is going well in this Barca side

With the scoreboard at 4-0, the Bayern players awoke and tried to make an impression on the match but it was too little too late from the young hopefuls of German football who promised so much in the World Cup. The few opportunities that fell their way were blocked by Barca number two keeper Jorquera. Yet another clean sheet for Barca and an unbeatable preparation for Fridays European Super Cup in Monaco.

and that’s it. It was an experience I’ll never forget. While I was in the stadium, I just looked around and thought about this dream-like experience I’ve been having since April.

Alex loved it.

Be happy ……

August 23, 2006 at 3:33 pm 4 comments

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