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Barcelona, The Final Two Months

Well, it had to happen. Our stay here is coming to an end. We stayed with Jackie and Sebastian for the last few months and had an absolutely fantastic time. I don’t think I managed to get on their nerves but I have been known to be wrong. Jackie and I would have some pretty heated discussions in the morning and most times she was right but I’d never admit that. I’ll miss the times we had.

Most of the last few weeks was saying goodbye to all the amazing and woderful friends we had made over the past year. There are some that will remain close to my heart forever (and they will never know who they are). I’ve put together some photos of some of the people we partied with or dined with or just hung out with over the last few weeks.

Bradley at Wushu’s


Francesca, I’ll miss her humor and outlook on life. We had fun communicating. Sha actually thought I spoke Italian but that’s a whole other story.

Sara, my spanish teacher. We became good friends. I really hope her and Andrea come to visit us in Canada. Actually I hope they all come to visit us in Canada.

Matt, a great friend whom I met in Spanish class.

His wife Elena, always smiling. The two of them were a lot of fun.

Marc, another friend from Spanish class.

I had to have a few friends who were closer to my mental age and Elena’s cousin’s baby fit the role. Same sense of humor too.

Jackie, Alex, Joy and Jesus at Joy and Jesus’ casa. They had us over for a farewell lunch

Alex and Andres having a chuckle. Andres taught Alex how to make mate.

Francisca and Sylvie fooling around. Those two were really great people. Sylvie was stressing out about her newly purchased piso in Bari Gotic. It’s an amazing place and I am sure she’ll love it when all the work is done. Francisca returns to Chile in October and we hope to visit her soon.

Mireia, she just finished her Phd thesis and was preparing to defend it. Her and Pau were super and Pau has to send me my honorary Catalan citizenship card. I’ll hold him to that too.

Jackie getting her hair done

Pau, Mireia and Jackie having a discussion. I’ll miss my discussions with Jackie………

Joy and Jesus

I have missed posting photos of many others because I don’t have them or they are really blurry. Photos taken while drinking too much wine ……

Last, but not least is Naomi. It was through her thoughtfulness and consideration that we met most of these people. Naomi always made sure that Alex and I were invited to different places. She is a bundle of energy and always up for a good time.

Many thanks to all of you who made Barcelona a special place and time for us. You are all invited to visit us in Canada anytime. Our home is always open to you so please come.

Now for the next series of adventures ………

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A Great Day

Tuesday, April 17, 2007.

What a day. In the morning I worked on some photos that I had set aside and around noon I went over to Alexandra’s archives so we could go for lunch. Alex wanted to go to a place with a terrace that was across from Parc de le Ciutadella. We had a great lunch outside. The park trees have their new growth of green and it was really spring like (at a temperature of 24 + it was more like summer). After we ate, Alex went back to work and I went off to the park to lay around in the grass. I found a great place in the shade of a palm tree so I pulled out my ipod, set up my knapsack as a pillow and lay down on the grass. Lot’s of people all around me doing the same thing, just relaxing.

I don’t know how long I lay there but a group of swedish girls sat down close by to sunbathe. One of them, Erika, started chatting, really friendly and bubbly (almost too bubbly). She was here in Barcelona for a month. It turns out she comes here every year for a month and has been doing so for the past six years. She tells me that she has made friends from all over the world and has kept in touch with most of them. We hung about for most of the afternoon and when she left I went to a new spot by the big fountain. I looked out over the scene in front of me and couldn’t beleive it. This was more like dreamland than reality.

I think the thing that really clinched it all was when this guy cycles in and stops by one of the palm trees. He was carrying all kinds of things, 2 guitars, a drum and a big bag full of other stuff. He parks his bike and begins to unpack. Next thing I know, he’s pacing off the distance between the palm trees. I was really curious so I watched what he was up to. Turns out he was stringing up a strap between the two trees. A bunch of his friends arrive and they all settle in. They just radiated a joie de vie that made me slightly envious. It was really amazing. Anyhow, the strap was for walking on. Some were tightrope walking, others sitting around dinking matté and others making music. I loved it and thought about all the young people over in Canada who should make it a point of coming to Barcelona. It’s a paradise or maybe it’s mine. who knows.

Anyhow, for the past few weeks I have been playing around with a game on internet called Second Life. It’s like a chat room but you have animated characters that represent you and there is a virtual world to explore. It’s quite the place with buildings and roads and averything else a person can think of. I usually go to this specific spot and just watch the interaction of the animated characters. All kinds of outfits and animations that I could never describe in words. My point is that watching people in the park was so similar to watching the fantasies in Second Life that I immediatly fell in love with Barcelona all over again. It’s not the place for everyone but for me, it is amazing. Some compare it to Paris in the beginning of the last century.

I’ll miss this place.

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Gran Fiesta de Barcelona – Mercè

Norbert and Carole visited this week and we were really happy to see them. We spent the week wandering around the city and I had my first experience with pickpockets (see the previous post). We also discovered another little alcove in Bari Gotic. It was so relaxing and peaceful, almost zen like.

The sound of trickling water combined with the soft reflected light really made this alcove a place for reflection. What really added to the ambience was the sound of classical music filtering in from outside. There was a violinist and a cellist playing just outside the building.

I hope they enjoyed their week here as much as we enjoyed having them visit.

Well this weekend really was another kicker. Mercè started on Friday and it was a very wet day. It rained on and off for most of the day and a lot of events were either cancelled or postponed. It must be extremely disappointing for those who have dedicated so many hours of their time to organize, construct or practice for this major Barcelona event.

We had planned to attend a number of events on Friday but decided it was too wet. Besides, we had a party to go to that night. Tio Seb was having a surprise birthday party for Jackie at a club called Senses. We had a great time there and Jackie was completely caught off guard. They have a lot of friends and it seems like they all showed up. It goes to show how really great people those two are. We left the party around 2:00 and I heard it went on until about 7:00 the next day. Needless to say, all our plans for taking in the Mercè on Saturday were shelved. Saturday was a quiet day, a day to recharge my batteries.

Sunday we were up early and headed to Plaça de Sant Jaume to meet Francisca at 10:30. The square was packed.

The giants were performing when we arrived and because they were giants we could see them, at least the upper half of them. They are quite amazing and always come in pairs, man and woman. Some sport real hair and are very lifelike.

After the giants paraded around the square, Francisca discovered that the public was allowed in the Palau de la Generalitat. What a treat. The inside of this building is gorgeous and the few photos I took do not do it justice.

The marble floor is made of individual tiles of differnt coloured marble. You had to look very closely to see where they actually joined. From a distance they looked painted. The craftmanship put into this building was beyond words. On one wall, which is a modern addition and is actually a piece of art, is an inverted figure. The figure is a hollow in the wall. If you look at the bottom of the figure you can see what I mean.

From there we walked over to Ravel to eat. Alex and I had eaten in an Indian restaurant called Shalimar across from Jackie and Sebastian’s place and we really enjoyed it. Alex decided to call them so they came down and ate with us. Sebastian told me that he too had a quiet day yesterday (I wonder why). We visited with them for a while and then headed home. It was a full day.

Monday we wanted to go hiking but the trail we wanted to take was probably too muddy to be any fun. We were going to take the GR6 trail over to Sant Cugat. The beginning of the trail is very steep so we decided to do it some other time. Instead, we grabbed both of our cameras and headed to Bari Gotic (old Barcelona). We just walked around taking photos of anything that appealed to us. Here are some examples………

I saw this one when I was watching my feet.

This poster and reflection made me do a double take when I caught it out of the corner of my eye.

And then we needed an animal shot to round out the day, he was probably wondering what the heck we were doing……

We headed in the general direction of home and found Psseig de Gracia was closed to traffic and filled with kiosks. We browsed our way up the street and came across these wild hair dressers………..

The red dresser

and the gold dresser

So the long weekend comes to an end. It seems like we always chance upon the most interesting things because of wandering randomly around.

Hope you all have a great week.

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Futbol Virgin

I was before last night. Alex treated me to my first professional futbol (soccer) game last night and that means that I have lost my futbol virginity. FC Barcelona was playing Bayern Munich.

It was amazing. Like going to a hockey game but with 10 times more people and 20 times more avid fans.

I don’t know too much about the strategy employed by the teams but it strikes me as being very much like hockey. They tend to regroup a little more but to watch them setting the team up for an attack is like watching poetry in motion. Barcelona is an exceptional team. The european champions and who knows how many other titles they have. You can see why they are champions. They play as a team. For the most part they don’t even look to see where to pass the ball. Sometimes the player is out of position and the pass fails but most of the time it is right on the money. There are a lot of superstars on the Barcelona team, Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Puyol, Deco, Messi and many more. The beauty of these players is that they still play as a team. Ronaldinho loves to set up goals and to watch him control the ball is like watching a prima ballerina move to music.

Last night’s game was for families. Each adult, when buying an adult ticket could get a free ticket for children.

The stadium was really cool too with the pre-game introduction to the players, the crowd gearing up for a night of fun.

There was a group of fans beside us with Barca’s colors on their cheeks and all wearing team shirts. The men were all in our row, the women were down one row and all the kids were about 8 rows down. They were fun to watch but a little to confused for my liking.

Here’s what the club’s website had to say about last night’s game (and it is all quotes);

Even at this early stage of the season, Barca is beginning to exhaust our reservoir of praise. Every game is a treat for the fans and tonight Frank Rijkaard’s team has won back the Gamper Trophy with a display of exciting attacking football against a Bayern side – undoubtedly one of the favourites for this seasons Champions League – that has won the last two consecutive German league titles plus the German Cup.

Once again, coach Frank Rijkaard went for an attacking line-up featuring Deco, Messi, Ronaldinho and Eto’o, a line-up to bring fear to any defence, whether it’s Espanyol or Bayern. His players didnt let him down. Bayern put up a brave face in the opening 20 minutes (Pizarro and Podolski could even have put their side ahead) but Barca then took charge and the chances began to rain down on Kahn in the Bayern goal, with Deco, Messi and Eto’o all looking dangerous.

However, it was Ronaldinho who opened the score sheet. A free kick in the 32nd minute was, in itself, enough to repay the ticket price of the many tourists who packed into the Nou Camp this evening. A superb shot from the edge of the box over the wall into the top corner of the net with Kahn unable to do more than merely look on.

It was an appropriate reward for the avalanche of attacking play and the enthusiastic support of the fans. With the one-goal cushion, the team threw themselves even more into attack and the second goal was not long in coming. After a delightful display of first touch football, Eto’o seized on a rebound from Oliver Kahn to make it 2-0.

Eto’o then made it 3-0 before the break thanks to a poor clearance from the Bayern defence that left him with only the keeper to beat. Two goals – the perfect way to put to rest the controversy that has unfairly dogged him in recent days.

With the European Super Cup just days away, coach Frank Rijkaard decided to rest his first team regulars and brought on a completely different team for the second half. However, it was more of the same as the new-look Barca team continued to terrorise the Bayern defence.

In the 50th minute, Saviola, who made up the new forward line together with Giuly and Gudjohnsen, got himself in on the Barca party and seized on a cross from Giuly to score his third goal of the pre-season campaign. The fact is everything is going well in this Barca side

With the scoreboard at 4-0, the Bayern players awoke and tried to make an impression on the match but it was too little too late from the young hopefuls of German football who promised so much in the World Cup. The few opportunities that fell their way were blocked by Barca number two keeper Jorquera. Yet another clean sheet for Barca and an unbeatable preparation for Fridays European Super Cup in Monaco.

and that’s it. It was an experience I’ll never forget. While I was in the stadium, I just looked around and thought about this dream-like experience I’ve been having since April.

Alex loved it.

Be happy ……

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La Festa Major de Gracia

Last week is a blur. From the beach trip last Sunday, all through the week up to today was a roller coaster. The weekend was spent recovering and I can tell you that Alex and I are lightweights when it comes to partying.

Most of the week was spent in the company of Franko, Detlef, Jackie, Naomi and Sebastian. We had everyone over for drinks when la festa gracia started. The intent was to gather in a central location, have a few drinks and off to the parties in Gracia afterwards. It poured rain, and I mean poured. Water was coming in the windows and we’re on the fourth floor. There was a lot of wind and thunder and lightening that finally let up around midnight. Mandy and Nat left to go home and the rest of us headed into Gracia. Gracia is a neighborhood a few blocks away from where we live. Way back, when Barcelona was a small town, Gracia was a neighboring village. At some point an area known as Eixample was designed and built, effectively joining Barcelona and Gracia. You’d know immediately on entering Gracia because the streets are narrow, one lane affairs left over from medieval times. The houses and shops are all very old and the area still has a village like atmosphere. There are many squares or placas where people gather in the evenings. It seems to attract creative types and people with a more bohemian lifestyle. If you visit some of the placas, you’d swear you were back in the 60’s watching hippies gather. It’s an eclectic mix of people because there are also families with lots of young children. Alex and I usually walk up there after dinner and sit in either placa Revolucio or placa Rius i Taulet (catalan names) and watch all the children playing. The children playing is a subject all of its own and Alex should really comment on that. Anyhow, enough of the backgraound.

This festa is one of the largest in Barcelona and lasts all week, from 15 to the 21 of August. Each neighbourhood goes all out to decorate their streets and organize activites. Prizes are awarded for many different things, from decorations to music to other activites. One of the really intersting activites is a competition involving castelleres. Alex will explain this activity in her blog.
As I said, all the streets are decorated and from the following photos you would not even know they were streets. The creativity demonstrated was awesome. Alex and I had observed one group over the summer and wondered what they were doing and I’ll let Alex comment on them because we really felt for them after the first night.

This is one street that we came across during our wanderings. Note the crowds, the time is well after midnight.

On middle verdi we came across the winning street. Their theme was war of the worlds and you could see the time and massive effort that went into this production.

Each area had stages set up in the middle of the decorations where live groups played all typers of music. There were poets reading their poetry and dancing. All high quality I might add.

On upper verdi the theme was a fantasy world. These figures are over 3 metres high and the owl stretched almost across the street. I might add that every single one of these displays, all over gracia, used only recycled materials. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, newspaper, all recycled.

This last photo is in B&W as the original color had lighting that made it so monochromatic. Each one of the styrofoam balls had been hand carved by someone. It was like walking through a dream world.

Everything seemd to end that week. Detlef was the first one to return home to Lisbon. Franko left on Thursday. I was really glad to get to know these people and they certainly left me with a lasting impression. Franko and I hit it off from day one. I felt like I had known him for a long time and hopefully I will be able to say that. He will return to BCN before Alex and I return to Toronto. Another bit of news, Naomi and Xavi have split up after three years together. Naomi is living with us until she can find a new place to live. I hope both of them are ok.

By the way, during the week, everyone was ill. Alex is still under the weather but is on the road to recovery. I guess the quiet weekend helped a bit.

Here’s a poem in catalan. I think it was written for the festa 2006 and I think it’s titled

Del mati, i fins l’horabaixa,
i de nits, al carrer estant,
tots aquells que anem de marxa
haurem de complir aquest Ban.

No badem, que aqui la festa
es festa de molta gent,
gent que penca, gent valenta,
gent que ho fa per l’altra gent.

Tindrem tecs i fartaneres,
hi haura trons i timbalers,
i sabors de nits rumberes
i les taules al carrer.

Nomes fins a quarts de tres,
que la nit ens pot abatre.
Ja els divendres i els dissabtes
plegarem a quarts de quatre.

Comte haurem amb les begudes,
l’alcofoll i els combinats
no van be per les arrugues
ni tampoc pels arrugats.

Si amb la birra ens ve pixera
hem d’anar alla on mes conve,
no fotessim cagalera:
al baci, i apuntem be!

Els qui tenen bar i barra
hauran de deixar passar
als qui de tant anar de farra
tenen ganes de buidar.

Reciclem plats, gots i ampolles,
no omplim de brossa el carrer.
I tambe, si anem en colla,
no fotem tant de merder.

Deixem l’auto a prop de casa,
que conve no perdre punts.
Si arribem ballant a Gracia
maxarem sabent-ne un munt!

Rumbes, tangos i boleros,
rock, pasdobles i fogots
i un ballar tan sandunguero
que enamora el meu xicot!

Portem cara de conquesta,
portem roba de coto
perque si crema la festa
no ens faci fred ni calor!

Que hi ha diables a la placa
i un feroc drac volador,
que hi ha gent que pica en terra
ballant a cops de basto.

I gegants, i gent que puja
pel damunt d’un munt de gent,
i un dimoni i una bruixa
empaitant tot el jovent.

Sota un cel de serpentines
avui sopem al carrer.
Tot xerrant amb la veina,
que en farem de mullader!

Crits i amunt! que ja comenca,
la de Gracia es festa gran
p erque el poble es qui la pensa
i de nits la va somiant!

Donat a Barcelona l’agost del 2006

I don’t understand a lot of it but the parts I do are all about Gracia and this festa major.

Have a great week.

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On Sunday Life is a Beach

Talk about spontaneity. Naomi called this morning to inform that they were heading up to Sant Pol de Mar. alex was feeling better and she thought a day at the beach was just what the doctor ordered. We gathered our beach gear and went over to Jackie and Sebastien’s place. By the way, I DO have to mention here that Jackie loves the sugar pie (big smile on my part). Naomi had to head home to get her beach gear so we agreed on the 12:48 train. As the time approached to leave for the station, Jackie had a shower and was applying cream to protect her body against the harsh beach environment. Now, let me explain a little something about German and Canadian attitudes towards schedules. We LOVE to have extra time to be where we are supposed to be without the stress of hurry and worry. Now for those who are last minute arrivals(am I referring to Jackie) and are used to being like this, I do believe there is no stress or worry. Needless to say, Sebastien told Jackie we’d meet her on the way to Placa Catalunya. We started our walk towards the station with a stop at the bank, a five minute wait at the top of Ramblas and another few minutes at the entrance to the station. We decided that we would now go for the 1:18 train since Jackie was nowhere in sight. We went into the station to buy our tickets and a familiar voice hollers out from inside the turnstyles. Jackie had been there for a while. She was waiting for us and we were all stressed about her being late. Anyhow, we bought our tickets and called Naomi to tell her we were back on track for the 12:48. She says she’s out of the station buying some water, taking it easy and if she gets there fine if not, she’ll meet us there. Now that is the way to be, totally relaxed. In the end, everyone got on the 12:48 and we were on our way.

The day was great, not too cold and not too hot. It was quite windy so surf was up and we could body surf one metre waves for approximately one metre. Really short runs. Naomi was in the sun soaking up the rays and got some really nice color.

It was time for food so the following went to the beach restaurant.


Alex and I

Detlef , he owns a german restaurant (Pano de Boca) in Lisbon. Read about it in Naomi’s blog.


Jackie and Sebastien

Kevin (Sylvie’s brother visiting from Germany) Sylvie’s other brother stayed on the beach and slept through it all. I gather they had been partying pretty intensely. In Barcelona, parties usually end sometime after the sun comes up

Our sweet Naomi (aka Shark)

and this is what we had, a lovely paella.

We were all pretty stuffed after lunch and our bellies were sticking out (but just a little) so we decided we needed to put our bellies back into their proper sizes. After all, we were at the beach. I really think that Naomi had a very crushing experience with cheeky Jackie and Sebastien close behind.

We had a great day and everyone went to another beach party that evening. Alex and I headed home as she still isn’t quite up to speed.

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Wow, this has been one boring week. On Friday I thought I’d repeat Thursday and go to the gym. I was going to swim 4000 metres in however long it took. I figured at least I’d be doing something. Didn’t work out though, I got to my club only to discover that it was closed until Monday. They are doing major renovations to the facilities and I guess they reached a point where they needed to shut down. We do have access to other Claror clubs so we’re not left out completely. Anyhow, I head back home. Now I have to face what I’ve been avoiding all week. Cooking ……………….

A little background here. Jackie and Sebastien had organized a cooking party. All the cooking and preparation was to be done at their place and each person was to cook something from their country of origin. Alex was cooking bobo de camarao and I was making tarte au sucre. I had been stressing about the pie crust all week long and now it was time to organise my ingredients and directions for both the crust and the filling. I found a recipe for pie crust on the web and went with that. Gordon sent me the following recipe for the filling and that’s what I went with…………..

Tarte au sucre (Tante Monique)

Quantité Ingrédient

1 tasse Crème 35%
2 tasses Cassonade
2 Jaunes d’œufs
½ tasse Farine
¼ tasse Beurre
1 cuillerée à thé Vanille
1 cuillerée à thé Lait


Préchauffer le four à 400oF (205oC). Battre un des jaunes d’œufs dans une tasse de crème 35%. Mêler la farine, la cassonade et le beurre, et y ajouter le mélange jaune d’œuf/crème. Faire cuire en brassant continuellement jusqu’à ce que le mélange épaississe. Ajouter la vanille. Laisser refroidir. Verser ensuite le mélange refroidi dans une abaisse de pâte à tarte non cuite. Recouvrir de languettes de pâte en damier. Mêler le deuxième jaune d’œuf avec le lait et badigeonner les languettes de pâte avec le mélange. Cuire au four pendant 20 minutes jusqu’à ce que les languettes de pâte soient dorées.

Once I was organised I helped Alex clean and shell the shrimp. She showed me how to remove the heads by twisting it off. Yikes, I was traumatized. I had to cut the heads off ten thousand shrimp, ok maybe not ten thousand but a lot of them. It took us most of the afternoon to clean them then we packed everything up and headed off to their place and I started my pie crust. It looked ok but then how do I know what it’s supposed to look like. I’ve seen bread dough so I figured it should look like that. I finaly got there and then it was time to start the filling. After adding, mixing, stirring and heating I put the pot aside to cool. It did not look very appetizing. Sorry Gordon and Jean, I did not do your recipe justice.

Meanwhile, more people are arriving and cooking space is becoming prime real estate.

I grabbed the oven before anyone else could and put my “creation” into the heat for 20 minutes. What came out of the oven was a boiling mass of primordal guck. Needless to say my worst fears were realized, I had failed as a world class dessert chef, how depressing. I might add that Sebastien runs a chef school here in Barcelona and with everyone running around you could see he was enjoying himself.

What an amazing menu. I couldn’t begin to name all the dishes that people cooked up but I absolutely enjoyed every one of them (except one lonely pie) . There were German, Australian, Spanish, Catalan, Canadian, Brazilian, Chilean, Uruguayan and French dishes. Nat and Mandy brought kangaroo meat, it was great. I have to confess, I had two kebobs of the meat. We ate and drank and enjoyed the camraderie made even better by full stomachs and the warm glow brought on by fine wine.

At the beginning of the evening, Alex was feeling a bit under the weather and running a slight fever. We think it was a touch of food poisoning. She was well cared for by Francisca and Jackie and towards the end of the evening was not doing too badly.

I am constantly awed by the personalities of the people we’ve met here. To me, they are all true individuals who are living life to it’s fullest. Each and every time we are invited to Jackie’s we meet another individual who is right up there. Last night was no exception. Backtracking, Alex and I plan on doing el Comino de Santiago when she graduates and before she starts working and last night we met Franko, a friend of Sebastiens.


He left the Lake Constance area (border of Switzerland and Germany) in May and did an extended version of the camino. He walked 2444 kms to Santiago. What an amzing period of self discovery he must have had. He was saying that he did not need map or compass as the trail is clearly marked all the way to Santiago de Compostela. I regret I didn’t have the opportunity to sit down and discuss his experiences because it wasn’t really the time or place to have such a discussion.

Last but not least, a hearty welcome home to Ana who was off in Austrailia for the past month. She just arrived home this morning and was already out with her friends……Welcome home Ana


Today, Saturday is slow. Alex is still not up to speed so we’re just hanging around. Besides, it’s a rainy, cool day (for a change) here in Barcelona. Looks like my boring days are over.

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It’s been one whole week since Jean and Gordon have left and since I stopped going to Spanish classes. I don’t know if everything stopped too suddenly or if it’s just an adjustment but I’M TOTALLY BORED. I’ve been going to the gym every day and today I swam 3000 metres in 1 hr 10 mins. The only reason I stayed was because there was nothing to do. I should rephrase that, there is lot’s to do but I have an excuse for not doing anything. Maybe I need downtime after being so busy for so long. I do have a theory about it. I think it’s because I’ve been so busy since we’ve been here with the last month the busiest of all. It’s not really boredom but a period of adjustment. It used to be like that at work. I’d be really into developing this model and once the model was finished I’d usually have a week where nothing inspired me. Then, all of a sudden, I’d be right back into my next project. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything I could work on because I had soooo many things I could choose from. It’s like now, everyone is gone, school is over and I could be out skating, laying on the beach, exploring the city with my camera or sketch pad, practicing guitar more and I could go on and on. Yet here I am. I’ll let you know what heppens next week. For now, I think I’ll go for a nap.

Here’s a random photo. It was taken since we’ve been over here ……..

Now THAT was a great day (and night)………….

I really have to thank our new friends Jackie and Sebastian who hosted the feast and of course Naomi who introduced us to everyone.

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