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Sunday, November 19

Well, this is the last Sunday of Christine’s visit. It’s weird but after a visit by friends, we’re always at a loss of what to do. This feeling only lasts for a few for a few days until we can re-adjust. Today, we decided to head over to Montjuic and show Christine around. It was a beautiful day on the mountain. When we arrived up at the fort, a cruise ship was just arriving in the port.

You can see all the sailors out enjoying the beautiful November weather. Wow, what a statement, beautiful November weather. Feels weird saying that. Anyhow, we walked over to the other side of the fort to see the sun over the Mediteranean, simply gorgeous.

That’s the side opposite the city and there is a lot of industry, including the airport on that side. We walked around inside the fort and the flowers are all in bloom. One bed of flowers was unkown to us and quite strange looking. They looked like the back of a long necked birds.

Down in the moat is a special area for archery. The targets are about 250 metres from the archers and they use scopes to see where the arrows hit. There were quite a few archers, most of them beginners, but one fellow was really quite accomplished. He had a beautiful compound bow and when he let the arrow loose, you couldn’t follow it. They are really fast. He was consitently hitting within the yellow ring and had two or three arrows in the centre. Quite the shot.

We rounded the fort and I had to take this picture of the rampart with guns pointed out over the sea.

They had quite the commanding view of anything coming near Barcelona. After leaving the castle we walked back down the way we came. It was much easier going down than heading up to the castle. Once we reached the old olympic diving pool we took the funicular all the way down to Poblenou. We went to a restaurant in Poblenou for lunch and after went over to Jackie and Sebastian’s so they could say goodbye to Christine. It was a great day like all the others with Christine. As I said, it will take a few days to readjust when Christine returns to Montreal on Tuesday.

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Exploring PobleNou

Today is a holiday in Spain. It’s All Saints day. Waking up this morning was like Sunday morning, very quiet. A good thing because last night was a late night. Sebastien and Jackie came over for dinner and the wine and conversation flowed easily.

We have wanted to explore Poblenou for a few weeks now so we chose today to go. It was a perfect walking day, not too hot. We took the metro to LLacuna and walked over to the rambla. Lot’s of people out walking.

We walked around to get an idea of what the area was like and Alex bought some roasted chestnuts. They were actually quite good . Apparently they are traditional on this holiday.

We found a nice little pub to curb our hunger for a bit and Alex had her beer. This cafe had quite a selection of draft beer and Alex had her favourite. I usually order a clara and whenever Alex orders a draft with my clara the waiter always gives me the draft and Alex the clara. I guess real men don’t drink clara’s in Spain.

We left the cafe and started walking back towards the centre of town. On the way we came across lots of abandoned buildings and graffiti. The area of Poblenou is undergoing massive transformation. It is an industrial, working class neighbourhood in the midst of change. The area is becoming Barcelona’s version of Silicon Valley. The plan is to have Poblenou become the high tech centre and renewal is the current state. It’s interesting because they are keeping portions of the old industrial buildings to incorporate into the new. Here’s a window to the past and I wonder what it will look like in the future.

I think much will be lost when they renew. There is so much graffiti around. I view graffiti as an art form and here in Barcelona they are very good. Even inside broken down factories,

on the walls that keep people out

and even inside where people cannot see. I had to stick my camera lens in a small hole to get this view of the inside.

A protruding wall that is part of an image becomes the main component of an abstract photo. There is so much material here it’s hard to isolate good photo material. I wanted to capture everything and I feel I didn’t capture anything. Alex says my images are too busy but that’s what I wanted to convey. Even if the factory is no longer used, it is still productive.

Seems like we’re getting into a habit here. After getting enough photos we ended up at Wushu’s again. Great ending to another great day.

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