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Wandering Barcelona

Well, before I begin I want to show you the ceiling in the post office. We had to get some stamps and I had to take a picture of it………..

Alex took the day off work and we went to MNAC in the morning (Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya). We’d not been when we were living here and it was on the list of things to do.

We approached from the 55 bus stop on the way up to Montjuic.

As you can see it was a gorgeous day, the type of day we had grown used to when we lived here. I took most photos of the architecture and Alex has a few of the displays.

The stairs reminded me of Escher drawings so I HAD to take some pics of them.

I loved the way you could see through the building by all shapes of doors and portals. The building itself was built for a World Exposition in the 1920s.

It is truly a grand building housing some beautiful exhibits

After the museum we went to meet Joy for lunch and slowly made our way back to the apartment.

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On Sunday we headed off to Mataró to see my friends Sara and Andres. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and we spent quite a bit of time by the beach.

We passed through one of the tunnels under the highway and I was really impressed by the graffiti on the beach side.

We just wandered around a bit before heading back to their apartment for a wonderful lunch. Alex HAD to get some recipes for the salads and pasta they served.

They have an amazing view from their apartment and yes, that is the Mediterranean in the distance.

We left Mataró around 6:00 PM and when we arrived in Barcelona we walked up Psg de Gracia to Diagonal. There was some sort of party going on to celebrate Portugal. We were meeting Sebastian, Jackie, Sylvie and Julian up there. There were lot’s of people and live entertainment (check out Alex’s blog for more info). This group was playing fado.

We had to stand in line to buy tickets for food or drink and everyone had the same ideas at the same time.

We bought tickets for ginjinha, a liquer unique to Lisbon, and I must day pretty strong. Being in a party mood we soon met more people and I hope the following photos will show just how much fun we had.

The beginning of the evening when we were still in control……

Sylvie and Julian

Crowds were getting larger and food was in demand………………

Sylvie and Sebastian, still early……………………

Sylvie and her bottle of ginjinha……………….

note the blur, the evening is moving on

Here you can see the evening is well on it’s way…………………….

Alessandro, one of the friendly people we met there, he was just too funny…………

The last subway home, good thing they had safety belts so some of us could stay standing

By the way, when we got off at our stop they closed the gates as we exited the station so we were pretty lucky we didn’t have to walk home.


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Segovia – Day Final (June 6, 2008)

Our last day here. We went to breakfast as usual and small talk lasted until well after 10. Alex was taking the morning off and wanted to do the walk around the base of the city. I had noticed that one of the branches leading off the path led to Santuario de la Fuencisla. This building is dedicated to the patron saint of Segovia whose image, found in the 13th century, is held here. The side alters are amazing.

From there we continued on our walk around the city.

Alex returned to the conference and said goodbye to all the delegates. We picked up our bags and headed off to the train station by city bus. A very simple effort.

From there we returned to Madrid where we caught the 7:00 PM AVE back to Barcelona and we were in the apartment by 9:30 PM.

All in all a great little excursion.

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Arrival in Segovia

We arrived in Segovia around noon and headed up to our hotel by taxi (around 4 Euros), checked in and headed out right away. I have to tell you more about our hotel later.

We walked down to the aqueducts, walked around them in awe and then went for lunch.

We HAD to eat “colchinio” or baby pig as Segovia is known for this and THE place to go is Candido’s. This establishment has been in business since the 16th century (1786 to be exact). Like all guests we were greeted by the owner and presented with a signed pamphlet explaining the inn’s history. Our table overlooked the square through thick, old glass windows.

Alex was in heaven and we both kept staring out the window while enjoying a unique gastronomical experience.

After eating, we decided to walk to Iglesia de la Vera Cruz which is an 11th century Templar church outside the city walls. On the way we found a short cut that led down through the forest.

We were rewarded for our efforts…….

Parts of the original frescoes were still visible on the walls and we really had a sense of antiquity. The church was erected in 1208 by the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre.

From there we went back to the hotel for a nap, probably the bottle of wine we had at lunch and the mountain climbing we had to do to get to the church. The day ended on a quiet note.

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