Mercado de la Boqueria

December 2, 2006 at 10:05 pm Leave a comment

Today turned out to be just the kind of day I love. Once we got the day rolling we headed up to the mercado in Gracia. This is the market we usually do all our meat, fruit, fish and vegetable shopping. It’s quite an amazing place and Saturday mornings, it’s really busy. Different stalls sell vegetables ………

meat ……………………….

fish ……………………….

We left Gracia and brought our stuff home. We had intended to go shopping for a jacket for Alex. When we got home Jackie called and asked if we could meet Sebastian at the chinese market and help him bring the stuff home. Off we went to the chinese market and walked back to Sebastian’s place with all the food. We dropped off the food and had to go to Mercado de la Boqueria. We had heard a lot about this place. It’s just off La Ramblas and is very famous. So off we go.

The first stall we pass by was filled with all kinds of mushrooms, and I mean all kinds. I’d never seen so many different kinds of mushrooms……..

Then we came across these Japanese Tomatoes, I think they’re called Tomates Kumato. They were almost black, really cool.

We ventured deeper into the market and Sebastian went to the stalls he always goes to. I saw a red cabbage that had been cut in half and it reminded me of the series that Edward Weston had done. He’s famous for his B&W study of a green pepper. The photos he took are stunning. Here is my attempt at the cabbage …….

Sebastian showed us how to tell fresh fish. The gills should be bright red and the eyes still bright. If the gills are fading then the fish is starting to age. They had lots of fish stalls there, some with massive tuna.

The fish monger will cut the fish any way you want it.

Note how they are already getting into the Christmas spirit. Alex and Sebastian trying to decide on what fruits to get.

On our way out Sebastian just had to show us the candy section. They had so many types of candy it would have been hard to choose. Check out Alex’s blog for a different perspective on our mercado tour.

We left the market and went to drop off our purchases, pick up Jackie and head over the Shalomar’s for lunch. Great meal, great friends, Great day. Tomorrow Alex goes to her first book club meeting at Jackie’s. Sebastian, Myself, Pau and Gerard will try to find something to amuse us. Shouldn’t be hard in Barcelona.

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