Segovia – Day Three (June 5,2008)

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This is day three for us in Segovia but only day two of the conference. I managed to talk Alex into taking the morning off. We were going to do the walk around the city that I did yesterday but decided to visit the cathedral since it was cool and cloudy. The original cathedral was situated opposite Alcazar but was destroyed in 1521.

Construction began on June 8, 1525 and was completed on 16th July, 1768. To reduce costs, the choir, cloister and baptismal font were salvaged from the original cathedral

Inside is huge and airy and is considered to the last Gothic cathedral built.

The cloister was transfered stone by stone from the original cathedral.

After our visit, we walked around a bit, touring the city. We found lot’s of interesting little passages like this one in the old jewish quarter.

Looking through closed gates also proved rewarding I caught this image through a closed iron gate and I loved the effect

Alex headed off to the conference and I headed off to look for the old Jewish cemetery. I kind of knew in a general sense, where it was. It was on the hills across from the city. I headed out of the city through Puerta del Sol and down the first set of steps. When I got to the bottom I discovered so many directions to go I wasn’t sure which one to take. I knew I had to go under the road so I headed toward the road that ran beside the ravine. I finally found thses markings in stone posts and proceeded to follow those in a direction away from the city.

Turning back to look at the city I was presented with this view, really impressive considering it’s age……

I finally found the partly excavated graves, some carved in the stone bed and others taking advantage of the many caves in the region. I wondered how they could leave this site without any kind of protection. I thought it must be a rich archaeological source considering there must be much more that had not been unearthed. The tombstones were all missing and someone mentioned that some medieval document had granted ownership of them to some nearby monastery. In the conference, a local historian gave a presentation to the group and he mentioned that they had searched the monastery from top to bottom but had not found any sign of the tombstones. There location is still a mystery. I should mention that it was common practise to use stones from old ruins to build new buildings. In Barcelona you can find many medieval buildings with partial roman inscriptions on the stone, oriented in haphazard directions. They used them to rebuild without consideration of their original use.

Time to meet Alex for lunch, amy busy morning had made me very hungry. I should mention that lunches were at 2:00 PM back at the hotel with all the conference participants. Great conversation and I had the fortunate opportunity to get to know Alex’s supervisor a little better. A very pleasant person I might add.

Lunch ended at 4:00 and I went off on a random discovery walk. Some of the things I saw along the way……..

Plaça Mayor, the main plaza of the old town and right around the corner from our hotel

I took this photo simply because it was a pleasant, relaxing scene.

I just happened to poke my head inside an open doorway and saw this. The light and simplicity struck me so I took the photo.

This is the Iglesia de San Martin, the design and materials used here make no doubt to the ancient origins of this church. I wanted to visit but it was never opened other than for mass. It was right beside the cafe Alex and I adopted.

I went into the cafe and ordered una clara. It’s beer with limon and I absolutely love it. I’m not much of a beer drinker and this suited my tastes perfectly. They give you a tapas along with the beer so I sat there writing in my moleskin, eating tapas and drinking clara, ask me if life isn’t great. I text message my friends in Barcelona “Life is Great”. It was 6 PM and Alex was presenting her paper. I started back to my hotel and when going down the steps met up with the wife of one of the delegates. She was listening to music being played by a group in the Plaça San Martin. All wind instruments and very good. We sat there for a bit and decided to go back to the cafe for a beer. Alex, her husband and two other delegates joined us a little later. From there, we went to another restaurant for dinner and had a great meal with some wonderful people.

By the way, Alex did very well presenting her paper.

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  • 1. HD  |  June 12, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    very nice pics Alan! Aaaah the light….
    See you soon in TO. Enjoy!


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