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At the end of our camino, we walked to the end of the beach looking for a MacDonald’s. No we weren’t eating there (as if that could ever happen) but we were meeting the group at a place called Pinocchio’s.

We found the place, I ordered a large clara (cerveza con limon) and downed it like water. The rest of the day was spent wandering Lloret and hanging out at the beach. I might mention that Alex dove into the water and was one of the few on the beach to do so.

Here are a few photos from the day.

Mireia and Maite

Maite and her daughter Laila. Maite lives in Lloret and was an amazing hostess along with her husband Jordi

Later in the afternoon we went to our hotel room to get ready for dinner at Maite and Jordi’s place. Tje family owns a beautiful hotel in Lloret and they put us all up there. I cannot say enough about the hospitality and warmth of everyone.

That night we all gathered for dinner and socializing. I consider myself so lucky to have friends like this.

We talked and ate and drank until about 3 PM when we all headed back to our rooms. Let me just say I was tired, REALLY tired but feeling great. We agreed to get meet at ten for breakfast as Maite had plans for an outing.

Off we went to the botanical gardens. We were going to spend the day at the beach but it was a little cool and cloudy.

Got some great flower pics.

Standing in front of a stand of cacti. I had never seen such big cacti before and it was kind of cool.

More flowers…………………….

After our wanderings here we went to a restaurant for lunch. In Spain we eat around 2:00 so we had had quite a full day. We had to catch a bus back to Barcelona at 4:00 because Alex and Jackie were going to a book club meeting at 6:30.

At 3:50 we left the restaurant. Now Alex and I are KNOWN to be early wherever we go, Jackie is KNOWN to be either late or exactly on time (Jackie missed the bus coming here). With buses and trains and planes you have to be on time. We had to run to get to the bus station and we made it. It made me realize that I still prefer to be early.

Well, after such a great weekend, I can honestly say that I really will miss all of our friends who live in Spain. Their warmth and friendship is something I will treasure for many years, at least until we go back and renew the memories.

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