Thursday, June 1

June 3, 2006 at 7:04 pm 3 comments

What an amazing morning. Blue,blue sky and great temperatures. Alex finds it a bit cool but in the sun, it’s HOT. Here’s what we saw from our balcony this morning.

Morning View

I should go back and let you know how the day went after Alex’s birthday. After we had Alex’s birthday lunch Alex wanted to go toIllia to look for a pair of Camper shoes and a purse. She found the shoes but not the purse. While we were there Naomi called and wished Alex a happy birthday. She suggested drinks later on. We said yes and since Naomi and her mom Leone were shopping too. We decided to meet at 8:00 at Flamingo, a bar off Las Rumblas owned by a friend of Naomis. We met up with them and had 2 very well made caipirinhas. Other friends of Naomi were there too, Mandy and Natalie, whom we met at a party last week and own a Pilates studio. We also met a Canadian from Calgary who had just graduated from medical school and was doing a major travel thing before returning to Calgary to complete his residency. It was fun chatting with Naomi and her mom. Naomi was pretty tired from a work marathon she did the day before so we left the bar and went to eat at a little place around the corner. I had a blast trying to speak spanish to the waitress and I think she was having fun too. Alex and I had to run to catch the last metro but before we left, Naomi invited us to lunch on Sunday to say good bye to her mom. Leone is returning to Austrailia on Monday. I really enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her a little. I’ll try and keep in touch with her when she leaves. I hope Naomi’s companion,Xavi , will be there Sunday because there is some kind of referendum coming up and I want to understand what the issues are. It’s like being back in Quebec and seeing all the Si and Non signs around.

Catalunya Referendum

I don’t think the Catalins are as militant as French Quebec about their language but then the federals here seem to be more willing to give and take. At least that’s my uneducated impression and hopefully talking to Xavi will clarify what’s going on.

No gym the next day or the day after. Nights are just way too long and mornings way too short. I HAVE to get that under control.

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Life is good Saturday, June 3

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  • 1. Naomi Ebert Smith  |  June 5, 2006 at 9:16 pm

    I hope you have this catalan referendum thing sorted out!

  • 2. Alan  |  June 5, 2006 at 10:25 pm

    Actually, I had a chat with Xavi but only received the technical details regarding the referendum. I got the impression that catalins do not think that outsiders could truly understand the issues. This may or may not be true as there are many facets to issues such as this.

  • 3. 123recreation  |  December 31, 2006 at 6:10 am

    yeah i like this. good post.


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